30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

22. they flip the girl over and it turns out to be his sister

“College party at a frat house. Walk into the basement to get more booze when you see these two guys spit-roasting a girl. Another guy walks down the stairs, sees what’s going on and wants in on the action. He takes the place of the guy in the back and the three of them are going at it. They decide to flip the girl over…and it turns out to be his sister that was visiting him that weekend. From what I heard, there was much therapy afterwards.”

23. a guy swapped the front and back doors and no one noticed

“A friend of mine was at a party years ago and managed to take the front door off its hinges, and swap it with the back door. It took him an hour with help and no one noticed until the next day. The commitment he had that night was breathtaking to say the least.”

24. she’s 17, on heroin, and pregnant

“In maybe 1986 or so, outside a house party, a muscle car comes sliding around the corner with a screaming girl on the hood, holding on at the windshield part. The car did a burnout, and she was actually laughing and having a blast. I had never been to a real party before, so l kind of just went ‘wow.’ My buddy said ‘Yeah, she’s 17. She’s on heroin. & she’s pregnant.’ This was in Great Falls, MT. She looked like a perfectly normal cute girl next door. I bet she doesn’t now.”


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