30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

7. ‘stop censoring my art!’

“We were having a party at our house and one of the guests got a little out of hand. He started breaking beer bottles on the floor and dancing in the shards of glass in his bare feet. The dance floor cleared and a circle formed around him, watching as he began rolling around on the floor cutting himself on the glass. One of my housemates started yelling at him to get out and he turned to her and said, ‘Stop censoring my art!’”

8. he pushed his car the whole three-mile journey

“One of my friends turned up to a party in his original mini, something like this. He got completely wasted and didn’t want to drive home, so rather than take a taxi, he pushed his car the whole three-mile journey.”

9. a girl unleashing the dark bomb and crying

“A girl shitting her pants. Nobody knew her really, she was just there, unleashing the dark bomb and left crying. Never saw her again.”


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