30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

Flickr /// David Sprinkle
Flickr /// David Sprinkle
Found on AskReddit

1. black guy in a klan outfit

“Halloween party in college. We basically moved all the furniture out of the house and had just one big open space. Tons of people there. Living room was a dance floor with a DJ. Everyone is having a great time and then all of a sudden a man comes running into our house in a full KKK costume. Followed by, you guessed right, a group of black guys. The DJ turns off the music. My roommates and I have to jump in the situation. We split the guys up and the guy in the KKK costume rips off his mask and yells ‘I’m black, I’m black.’ He really was black. The angry group of black guys didn’t care about his skin color. We had to explain to them that we did not know this man. Neither did anyone at the party. We had to let the KKK guy out the back door and the black guys out the front. Not sure what happened after that. Thank god they did not murder this man in my house.”

2. a horse chilling in a manhattan high-rise

“A horse just chilling in the kitchen of a high-rise apartment in Manhattan.”

3. random naked guy attempting to fist himself

“Does witnessing a random naked guy whacked out on drugs at a rave lying down on his back, bucking his hips up and down with his wang flapping about, whilst attempting to fist himself count as ridiculous? ‘Cause it looked pretty ridiculous to me.”


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