30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

25. force-feeding vodka to a house chicken

“I walked in a room and saw several very intoxicated people attempting to get a house chicken to drink vodka. This also happened in New York City, and I had never seen a chicken in real life prior to this.”

26. drunk guy asking attractive girls to tase him

“A friend got drunk and started propositioning attractive females to Tase him and throw darts at his chest. He was Tased also multiple times and took it like a champ, and he probably took a half a dozen darts to the chest, with one impressive throw lodging into his sternum. He passed out shortly after at 11:30 pm.”

27. she slapped her boyfriend with another guy’s cum all over her hand

“This chick found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She went into some room and jerked off some random dude, then slapped her boyfriend in the face with his cum all over her hand. I thought he was going to kill her.”


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