30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

19. the levitating dollar bill

“Senior year in high school we are at a bash out in the woods at a buddy’s house…I don’t remember the occasion but someone managed to get ‘strippers.’ Fast-forward to the wee hours of the morning…everyone is completely inebriated and only one of the girls is still doing her thing…she says she can pick up money with her crusty clam…we all call BS and proceed to throw whatever paper money we had on the ground and no shit…this chick was picking it up using nothing but her clam jam…but it gets better…she says she can do ‘magic tricks.’ With the crumpled (and soggy) dollar still in the grips of her delicate lady party, she rolls around on to her back and lifts her legs up into the air and then it happens…‘Pffffft’ and the dollar suddenly lifted from her crotch. Dead silence…no one knew what to do or what to say….One guy in the back finally speaks up.. ‘Did…did she just…queef?!’ … Tl;dr : went to a party and saw a stripper levitate a dollar using the magic power of pussy farts.”

20. It was scary as shit how everyone went ape on him

“This guy everyone kinda knew got shitfaced at my mate’s party and started pissing everyone off. Groped some guy’s girlfriend, got caught spitting in someone’s drink, asked some bald guy in the hallway if he shaves his pussy too, etc. we ended up with 5 angry Slavs in tracksuits knocking on the door, looking for a fight. It didn’t help that nobody liked him before he started pulling this shit that night, he’s basically even a bigger dick sober. So at some point this dude passes the fuck out from drinking so much, starts shaking like he has a seizure, eyes rolled up and he doesn’t react to anything. Some girl he groped saw this as an opportunity to slap the fuck out of him to ‘snap him out of it.’ And then it got really fucking scary, some guy yelled ‘he’s faking it’ and a fucking crowd formed, this was some Stephen King shit, in two minutes everyone was just going berserk on this bloke to see how much he’s willing to ‘fake it’ (he wasn’t faking it). I know he was a dick, but holy fucking hell, this was straight out of a horror film, 30 people, girls, guys, his classmates, all going fucking nuts, pinches went to slaps, slaps turned to punches. Everyone just took turns and it was scary how everyone thought it was funny and okay since everyone else was doing it, while this guy is having a fucking stroke or something and obviously needed medical help. It was scary as shit how everyone went ape on him, these were all fairly normal people.”

21. catfight!!!

“A party at my buddy’s house at in the country in small town USA, so basically all the teenagers in the county were there. Two girls who were after the same guy get into it over a guy. You think oh they’ll argue maybe fight no big deal. Well shit goes down. They look at him trying to figure out who’s side he’s on, and he takes a drink of his beer, shrugs, and says this isn’t my fight, you two can fight about it. So Amy (fake names, because I didn’t even know those hoes) tackles Caitlin to the floor, and gets on top of her, and she leaned back ready to swing. I thought this is over, this girl is done. Nope. Caitlin does some gymnast shit, and throws her own legs up around Amy’s body, and kung food her backwards onto her back onto the concrete. Caitlin jumps on top of Amy in an instant, while her tits fall out of her shirt (she had a deep v neck on with no bra, her boobs were totally unprepared for the battle at hand). Well she starts punching Amy, but realizes that although she’s beating this girls ass while her tits are out, so she rips off Amy’s shirt and starts the onslaught of punching fury again. Amy was able to pull her close and roll her around on the floor, as all of their high school friends watched. It was epic.”


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