21 Women Who Got Labelled ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriends’ Tell Their Side Of The Story

6. Cheater Cheats, Accuses Her Of Stalking

For me I was with a guy for 4 years. The last 6 months of it I had no idea he was cheating on me. I find out. I get upset and I ask him to come over to talk it over. Mind you I was really rational about the situation.

I felt sad not only that he cheated on me, but that he must have felt trapped to do it in the first place. So I basically ask him why after all this time he couldn’t just tell me that he wasn’t interested in me anymore. He responded “I just didn’t want to hurt you”. Well it was a nice stab in my heart, but ok.

A few days later I check on my Facebook and I have all these messages from people that I am not necessarily friends with, I just knew them because they were friends with my ex. Well they’re messages weren’t kind to me and even people for some reason were making “notes” and passing them along like those chain letters or fill in the blanks.

So basically these “notes” we’re poorly edited/photoshopped (might as well been paint) screen shots of convos where people twisted my words making it look like I was the bad guy. Basically I ignored these things, I was upset, but more embarrassed because honestly I found that my ex had been actually telling people these things were true.

I asked him to kindly stop. But he kept insisting that he was stating facts. I kept telling him that those things weren’t true.

Soon after it died down and people stopped talking, he decided to come up with new things. Now he was telling people that I begged for money and made him buy everything because I am selfish. People bought it lol. Although I was the one who had a job… He never worked lol. So I asked him again kindly not to say things like that and he should be over me and focus on his new relationship.

Well it didn’t stop. I got threatening messages from his gf about harassing him and begging him to stop with my “lies” and she told me some other stuff. Finally I had enough.

After all the harassment, I ran into him at the mall where he greeted me with a smile and gestured to give me a hug like we’re friends. I told him that it’s not appropriate and really I just don’t want to talk to him anymore. His gf was meeting up with him and she stopped by as I was walking away from him and she started screaming at me in the middle of the mall.

I kept trying to explain I had no intentions of meeting him there. All the while she’s screaming calling me “crazy” he’s recording it all. I finally start to walk away (confrontation isn’t my thing). She grabs my hair and pulls me to the ground and keeps telling me to quit obsessing over her bf. I struggle to get away and finally a security guy shows up and she explains how I am causing commotion and apparently “threw punches” at her. He kicks me out.

Hours later I go on fb and see I have 75 messages. And I am tagged in something. Well my ex recorded the whole fight (where I did nothing and basically get beaten up) on Facebook. People called me all kinds of scum. So I don’t go on there anymore. So much drama.

All that time I was the “crazy” ex gf. And honestly I was more heartbroken that he was sad being with me than the actual break up.

I wanted to file a police report. I never did. He eventually got caught having sex with a 13-year-old (he was 19 at that time). Had court, never showed and fled to Canada.

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