21 Women Who Got Labelled ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriends’ Tell Their Side Of The Story

18. She Likes To Drag People Into Her “Dark World”

“Crazy bitch ex” here: I went to study abroad for a full year and before i left, he started to ignore me and tell me to shut up whenever I was exposing my opinion (even in front of friends and family). After that, he would just not answering my texts or tell me i was writing for getting attention and ruining his day (I had just moved to another country). I reached my limit when he ignored me for a full week. We broke up, and I decided to cut off all contact for few days. When I unblocked him to try to become friends, he suddenly saw he had been doing wrong and I decided to give him a second chance. As soon as I told him that a creepy guy on my uni had tried to flirt with me, he said I was obviously looking for a new dick, and I had all this planned. This routine kept going until he explicitly called me a slut in a text. I blocked him everywhere and ignored his texts and calls for two weeks (he told me I was doing a ghosting thing). I made out with another guy in that time, and after he found out, he sent me a message to tell me that he was going to ruin my social life in my city for cheating on him. Soon after he told me he was going to leave me alone because he had a new girlfriend. I sent him a message asking if he was kidding. He called me ‘crazy bitch’.

So, for his friends I am a bitch because I cheated on him and have a new boyfriend. I am crazy because I was harassing him for weeks in order to get back together and being extremely jealous of his new girlfriends. All of this, of course, according to him.

Last thing I knew is that he’s a good guy and I was an evil bitch who made him act like an abusive asshole because I must have a mental disorder and I like to drag people into my dark world.

19. Called Crazy Cause She Didn’t Take Shit

My ex spent years convincing me that I shouldn’t make a plan B–we were moving in together and getting married. I had no plan B. And “convincing” ranged from earnest, thoughtful talks to him wearing me down with constant, unstopping bitching.

He hammered me because he hated my friends, he “accidentally” went through my emails, Facebook, and phone at least twice each, and used that to tell me what an awful girlfriend I was.

Turns out he was fucking the girl down the hall, the same girl who he got a job at his company.The girl he threw a double birthday party for me and her. The girl he invited to our dinners and had once a week lunch beers with.

So, while he’s telling me that I need to spend less time with my friends, love him and rely on him alone, and that I’m a shit girlfriend, he’s cheating on me. For years.

He fucked my life and set me back years–money I could’ve saved, time with other people or working on school or jobs. He knew he was ruining my future and didn’t care.

So, I texted his mom, his dad, and called his job to tell them he was fucking a coworker. Doesn’t seem like he got fired, which is too bad. I’d like him to restart at ground zero too.

Our many friends in common wanted to stay neutral. My response was that we don’t have friends in common. I know they’ve all told everyone I’m a crazy, spiteful bitch, and the truth is–yup, yup I am. 100%.


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