21 Women Who Got Labelled ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriends’ Tell Their Side Of The Story

9. He Blamed Everyone But Himself

In the eyes of his family, I’m a crazy girl who caused him to lose his job with a prominent university in our state by filing a restraining order against him. Then after the restraining order was dismissed i further ruined his life by accusing him of/him being prosecuted for domestic violence, and it causing him to lose custody of his son.

In reality, he threatened to murder me and my family after I broke up with him the first time, causing me to file the restraining order. Being young and dumb, I attempted to rekindle the relationship after the restraining order was dismissed. After a couple of months, he hacked into my Facebook account and posted naked photos of me, then beat the shit out of me when I confronted him about it, which is why he got domestic violence charges. Aaand he lost his son because he likes to smoke pot and blow it in his face and let him play with his bong.

Not crazy, just stupid.

10. The Scammer

He began stealing alcohol from our roommate (we were underage and couldn’t buy it). He’d get trashed by himself and I’d have to help him to bed. Once he reached 21, he’d just get drunk and not come home. He moved onto other things, like smoking cigarettes and weed, then onto cocaine and Adderall. I’m not against experimenting, but I was terrified because I cared about him and he took everything to extremes. He told me I wasn’t fun. I didn’t know how to party. He said my job wasn’t stressful and that he needed these things. Whenever he was too tired to go out, he’d tell his friends and family that I said he couldn’t go.

I figured this was a phase, and I tried to ignore it but I’d always end up venting my frustration. I was heavily invested in college and getting a job I liked, whereas he dropped out and essentially scammed people for a living. I was so angry that he didn’t care about building a good career and getting an education. I drifted away from him because we had nothing in common. I tried to break up with him so many times and he’d threaten to kill himself and swore he’d stop drinking/doing cocaine/get a job, etc. It’s a long story but I haven’t talked to him in two years and his family firmly believes I’m fucking insane and that he’s a victim who’s still going through a youthful phase (he’s 27 now).

11. Took Care Of Him, Called ‘Crazy’ For Her Trouble

He was addicted to heroin for years and THAT’S why I was blowing up his phone constantly. I never told anyone what was going on with him but if he wasn’t where he said he was he most likely had a needle in his arm. Back before he got sober he let people think that I was just obsessive when in actuality I was legitimately worried about him. Doesn’t really matter now, we don’t talk to any of those people anymore but my reputation still stands.


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