21 Women Who Got Labelled ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriends’ Tell Their Side Of The Story

15. Idealism Disappointed

I was young and naive. I was heads over heels in love with a guy. And in my mind letting it go wasn’t an option. In my dumb young brain I thought somehow that if I talked and bugged him enough that I would somehow figure out the way to fix it. This included a drunken night of me showing up at his door and crying for two hours asking him why. To be fair he did lead me on for a while telling me we would be together after he got though his whole I wanna be alone period. OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen. It definitely made me grow up a lot. I realize now especially that when a man decides he’s done with the relationship it’s definitely done. So yea basically I was just a crazy idealistic girl who thought if I asked enough questions I would get an answer I would want to hear.

16. They Always Call You Crazy When They Get Caught

My ex posted pictures on Facebook of a girl wearing the sweatshirt I bought him. When I called him out on it, he quickly deleted the photo and called my a psycho. He literally tried to convince me I was crazy, until I showed him the picture I took of that picture on my phone. He then said that he posted that picture because they had the same sweatshirt and it was such a big coincidence! Too bad that sweatshirt was from goodwill for a football team at a random high school all the way across the country. With the same jersey number on the back.

He then tried to tell me I was a psycho jealous bitch. Until I told him to cut the shit and he admitted to cheating on me with her multiple times. This guy was another kind of stupid.

17. Old Traumas Triggered

There was something in his eyes when he talked down to me that morphed him into my abusive brother. When he smiled like that while talking down to me he was all I could see. I wasn’t screaming at my boyfriend, I was screaming at my brother.


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