21 Women Who Got Labelled ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriends’ Tell Their Side Of The Story

camy93 / www.twenty20.com/photos/102f1210-c1cf-47ef-a408-5f27a75a09cd
camy93 / www.twenty20.com/photos/102f1210-c1cf-47ef-a408-5f27a75a09cd

1. Boyfriend Takes Everything, Blames Her When She’s Had Enough

We got engaged and decided to buy a house. I put up the whole down payment, he had to pay off some debt. The mortgage was to come out of a joint account I set up but he never went to the bank to sign adding his name, so it was just me. He promised to give me half the mortgage payment every two weeks. He didn’t. I was so stressed for money and when I brought it up he would get mad, explain how he pays for other things (bills split 70/30 me paying more). He would constantly bring up how I put fifteen pounds on how I wasn’t as fun as I used to be. I was constantly stressed with money, so our sex life dropped. He was a supposed handy man, and we undertook a bathroom renovation. I was the one who smashed the tile, cut and laid the tile, and fixed the drywall after watching YouTube videos while he sat on the couch drinking +15 beers a day.

He made 15g more than I did a year. He had only given me 300 dollars for the mortgage we were supposed to split. He covered our monthly bills, which were 300 a month, while I paid 2g for the mortgage and I covered our grocery bill. I’m 5’3″ and 110lbs while he was 6’4″ and 220lbs. After two years (I know…) I was up late at night doing our taxes and his phone buzzed. I checked it because I thought maybe it was a buddy looking for a ride after drinking and saw it was a girl asking him if he wanted to meet up sometime. There was no previous conversation with them but I saw multiple long phone calls with her while at work.

I snapped. I had done so much and lost so much for him to start talking other girls?? I carried him financially and stood by him as he destroyed relationships with family members and friends where he was wrong.

I kicked him out. I calmly packed his stuff, woke him up and told him to leave. He told everyone I had gained weight, I was the worst sex ever, I was crazy and always checking his phone, and used him for his money. I was devastated. On top of this, the day we broke up he slept with another girl which just crushed me. I sent way more angry texts than I am proud of and way too many phone calls. I cringe when I think about it.

But I’m happy to say 6 months later, all mutual friends have ditched him and even just his friends, my acquaintances, have abandoned him. I also lost those fifteen pounds, still have a house while he lives with his parents, and got a huge promotion so I make twice as much as him. I’m a lot happier but there was a crazy, rough few months there. Sometimes you get pushed to the edge?

After all is said and done, I’m still happy it turned out this way. I learned more than I would have if I didn’t. I didn’t know I was capable of renovating a bathroom but I did and I’m very proud of that.

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