25 Police Officers Reveal The Creepiest Thing To Happen To Them On The Job

If you want to be a cop, you have to be able to handle blood and guts (and possibly the paranormal). Just ask these police officers from Ask Reddit.

23. He threatened to bite my face off

“I mean there’s a lot of hysterical and awful stories in police work… But creepy… Hmmmm

I guess it’s the folks on drugs, more specifically PCP.

They don’t feel pain and the drug pushes their body past breaking points that under normal conditions the body would not be able to endure. 4 cops and 2 firefighters trying to handcuff a 50 year old of average build guy on PCP. What makes it creepy is there is a compliance technique used very rarely where you turn the handcuffs into the wrist causing unbelievable pain( have had it performed on myself a few times). We got this guy in handcuffs and into the ambulance as soon as we walk out of the ambulance he tries to run In front of traffic to kill himself. Used the compliance technique to get him to walk with me didn’t do a thing he kept screaming he was going to bite my face off. It was zombie-esc how he was acting. Took 2 rounds of sedatives to knock him out in the ER as we all held him down. Worst part was he was covered in blood from an earlier fight. Everyone had some DNA on them that night.” — ILOATHESEAGULLS

24. His head exploded on impact

“My history teacher’s brother (I know, not me, but whatever) is a cop, and my teacher told us this story:

On Halloween Night a few years back, the cop was called to a costume party being held on an upper floor of an apartment complex. A noise complaint or something.

He got to the apartment building close to midnight and, right as he arrived, he saw a blur of motion and heard a loud, wet SMACK.

He located the point where the blurry figure landed. Laying on the ground a few feet from the door was a corpse that had fallen some nine stories from the party.

He had hit the ground going pretty fast, headfirst, so the top of his head had exploded and scattered throughout the front lawn. What’s even worse: the lower half of his head was still intact, but had lodged itself inside the man’s chest cavity. His neck was broken in several places.

He was dressed as Batman.” — SergeantFartbox

25. He ripped off his own testicles

“I’m a firefighter/paramedic, not a cop but I have plenty of cop buddies and I LOVE telling this one:

Buddy responds to a completely naked man standing in the middle of an intersection punching at cars as they drove past. They arrive and shut down the intersection and have something of a stand off with this guy. At some point the guy decides he longer cares for his testicles and proceeds to very successfully remove them with his finger nails before the police can restrain him. Guy wakes up in the hospital the following morning with NO recollection of what happened!

STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!” — unhcasey Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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