25 Police Officers Reveal The Creepiest Thing To Happen To Them On The Job

If you want to be a cop, you have to be able to handle blood and guts (and possibly the paranormal). Just ask these police officers from Ask Reddit.

8. I swear I saw an actual ghost

“Cop here.

The creepiest thing was when I was walking a beat on a solo foot post late one night – this was back in my first year on the job. My partner was on meal break so it left me on the post by myself for the next hour until he got back.

I decided to walk down from the north of my post to the south, past a few abandoned lots. As I passed one of them, I thought I saw something at the end of the lot by the fenceline. Lots of times people using or just being vagrants will be in these lots.

I shined my flashlight on the area, but nothing was there. Eh, trick of the low lighting in the area. No big deal. As I turned away, the fence on the far side of the lot rattled giving that distinctive chain sound. I stopped and looked back, already thinking of how ridiculous this feels, and put my light on there again.

Standing there was a man. He didn’t look homeless, nor did he look like the kind of guy that hangs out in lots late at night. I asked him what he was doing. He simply stood there – not really looking at me but kind of above me.

I asked again. No answer. I told him to come over here, as he shouldn’t be in the lot. He just stood there.

I decided to put it over the radio before approaching him. ‘Post 4, central, show me one male stopped at xxx z street, back lot. No further, no emergency.’

So I walk into the lot, but have to hop a small fence to get to where he is standing. I figure this guy must be tweaking out or something – he looks like he has no idea where he is. I hop the fence and look back up, this mother fucker was gone. I took my eyes off of him for 2 seconds and he was gone. No sound from the far fence chain, nothing. I scanned the entire lot wondering where this guy went, looked behind the only real cover – a dumpster – and inside of it, he wasn’t there.

Central raised me a minute later and asked the status. ’10-91, 98′ (Non crime corrected, resuming patrol).

To this day I think I saw a ghost, as crazy as that sounds. I’ve never told anyone about what happened that night. Crazy crazy stuff. I know there is a chance that maybe he just hopped the fence without me hearing it and took off, but in the amount of time it took me to hop a 4ft fence? Highly unlikely.” — [deleted]

9. A hockey stick was jammed through his chest

“I used to be a tow truck driver, I’ve been called to a lot of really screwed up stuff but ill give you guys one story. Called to a scene of a death on the highway i get there its a small sedan and the young guy that’s in the vehicle is bent over head pretty smashed in and 2 hockey stick handles through his seat and then through his chest, Cell phone in hand middle of text saying “heading to game now, prepare to los” I assume he meant “lose.” He had been looking at his phone, rear ended the car in front of him and then the car behind him hit his trunk pushing the hockey sticks he had through the fold down seat and through him.” — AndyC_een

10. The killer’s spirit possessed her

“Not my story, my aunty was a police officer for something like 25 years. She saw a lot of really screwed up shit, especially when she was stationed out in the country and got called to the farmer suicides (death by farm equipment is not pretty), but the creepiest was the thing that triggered her nervous breakdown. This happened about 10 years ago. A guy had walked into a busy restaurant in the CBD ranting and raving and threatening to set himself on fire. By the time she and the other cops sent out got their he’d already doused himself in petrol and was holding a lighter, threatening to spark it if the cops got close. The stand off lasted for a couple hours, just when they were going to get the jump on him he set himself alight. The fire extinguisher at the place was faulty so she pretty much had to watch the guy burn alive. As I mentioned earlier this was the straw that broke the camels back and she had a complete nervous break down, needed to live in in-patient for a while. She now calls this guy The Crispy Critter and writes a lot of poetry about him. She’s kind of vague but the impression I get is she thinks his spirit got transferred into her somehow.” — pootlepower


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