25 Police Officers Reveal The Creepiest Thing To Happen To Them On The Job

If you want to be a cop, you have to be able to handle blood and guts (and possibly the paranormal). Just ask these police officers from Ask Reddit.

Unsplash, Matt Popovich
Unsplash, Matt Popovich

1. A black shadow shot across my car

“I was sitting monitoring a stop sign late at night, somewhere around 2-3 in the morning. The area was notoriously known for a gruesome murder that has still gone unsolved. While sitting there I noticed something shoot across the back of my car in my rear view mirror. As I was looking in the mirror trying to see what was behind my car the black shadow shot up the driver side of my car then across the front of my car. Creeped out I realized it was time to gtfo of there and gunned it down the road.

Our video cameras in the car are set to turn on automatically at certain speeds so it turned on. I decided to review the camera to see if something really did cross in front of my car. During the point where something should have went in front of my car the camera went completely dark like something blocked the lens.

Needless to say I didn’t monitor that stop sign anymore.” — gendarme_

2. She wrote scripture on the wall in blood

“We (my partner and I) get a radio call of a welfare check (to check on the welfare of a person). Ex-boyfriend called because he received texts from his ex stating that she wished it would not have ended and that she could no longer go on without him. We get to he place, knock, pound etc – no answer. We call (ex provided the number) and get an answer and a hang up, so we hear it from the outside window and know she is in there. We say we are going to break the door down if she doesn’t answer. Hear some slurred mess of speech. Door unlocks, but doesn’t open. We open the door to find a young woman wet, naked, pale as hell and swaying in one spot, her hands are bleeding. Call a rescue ambulance and she is off to the hospital. Now to the creepy part; none of the lights would turn on, so we conduct a safety search and find candles lit in the bedroom and bathroom, on the walls were bible scriptures written in her blood and a tub of brown water (the water was mixed with old blood). I don’t know how she survived because that water was Dark, she had been sitting in it for approximately three to four hours.” — CopWithoutVest

3. They tortured him and drained the blood from his body

“A number of years ago we were called to a body dumped in the stairway of a public housing building. As we arrive we shove the floor mat into the door to prop it open, nice young guy gives a hand and we secure the scene. The deceased has multiple mutilations about his body, slashes, stabs and burns, even a bit of waffling (burn marks in a grid pattern) yet his clothes are bloodless. Medical examiner arrives, body is completely drained. The corpse is fresh as no signs of decomposition have set in. The detectives arrive and the investigation begins. We remove the body and resume our duties.

Month later an arrest is made. Remember that nice kid that helped us with the door? He was a ‘friend’ of the victim. He and and a girl had been drinking with the victim. An argument started between them so they beat the victim unconscious , tethered him to a chair and proceed to torture him for 2 days. After he died they drained him in the tub, changed his clothes, opened the apartment door and threw him down the stairs.

In case you were wondering, there were zero 911 calls for the period of time he was being tortured. Those apartments are very close together. I would imagine two days of torture would make a bit of noise.” — Jaws76

4. I heard a dead woman call for me

“I hear the other guy on my beat get dispatched to a well being check of an elderly lady. After a few minutes the guy asks for a supervisor. A few minutes later they dispatch me to the lady’s house. I get there and the supervisor asks me to climb in through an unsecured window at the back of the house because I’m of smaller stature. I get to the window and tell it’s to the bedroom. I can hear a loud television on in another room and I can tell it’s Fox news. I yell out, ‘Police, does anyone need help?!’ as I climb in through the window. I hear an old raspy voice call, ‘Heeeeere.’ I run out of the bedroom down the hall to to where I heard the voice call from. From the living room I see a lady laying face down in the dining room area. I call out for her, ‘Ma’am did you fall? Where are you hurt?’ I run to her and she is not moving, I touch her hand and it is ice cold. She’s dead, been so for a few days. I unlock the door and let the supervisor and other officer in. I tell them I heard a voice and we need to check the whole house. No one else was in there. I know the TV was on but I could tell it was the news and heard the voice over it.” — seej

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