25 Police Officers Reveal The Creepiest Thing To Happen To Them On The Job

If you want to be a cop, you have to be able to handle blood and guts (and possibly the paranormal). Just ask these police officers from Ask Reddit.

5. He burned the baby’s stomach

“My dad was a cop so this is one of his stories. When my older brother was about 6 months old my dad was a detective. He got a call to go to a house just around the corner from where we lived. When he got there he found a mother and an 8 month old baby. The baby was screaming and crying and had a huge burn on its stomach. He took them to the hospital. On the way he found out the mothers boyfriend had gotten mad at the baby so he put a hot frying pan on top of it which pinned it to the ground. The mother heard the screaming but was too late. He said he’s never heard a baby cry like that before. The best part however was the boyfriend showed up to the hospital. He was this big tough biker looking guy so he had this mentality that no one would cross him. Dad, being a detective, wasn’t in a police uniform so the guy didn’t expect him to do anything. When the guy got close enough (he was making a scene saying to give him his girlfriend and kid and started to get violent, even hurt a nurses wrist) my dad picked up a metal pan near by and knocked him over the head. His head split open a bit so he needed stitches. The doctor was the same one who helped save the babies life. He was so mad at the guy that he didn’t give him an anesthetic or pain killer while stitching him up. The guy cried and screamed saying it was cruelty. No one cared and no officer listened after seeing what he had done to the baby.” — stubbornness

6. He received a call about a ‘monster’

“My girlfriend’s grandfather used to be a detective, and he tells a pretty terrifying story. When he was still pretty young he got a call to an apartment building because a ‘monster’ was trying to get into someone’s apartment. The caller said that they had heard a gunshot, and then a while later something was pounding on their door. When they opened it a monster was standing there and tried to get into their apartment. They kicked it out, and slammed the door. The caller also said that they had heard more screams from down the hall, so the monster may have been trying to get to other people. When my girlfriend’s grandfather got to the building he found a man shambling around inside covered in blood. He got the guy turned around and realized that he had found his ‘monster.’ The guy had attempted to commit suicide by putting a gun under his chin and firing upwards. However, he had screwed the angle up and blown off his jaw and part of his nose, but he was still alive and in extreme shock. He had been walking around the building knocking on doors, trying to get someone to help him, but his grisly visage had terrified everyone, so they kept slamming the door in his face.” — Ultimatespacewizard

7. A blind woman lived in a house full of blood

“I’ve had a few creepy moments in my career, but one that has always stood out to me was a call I had when I worked midnight shift. It was around 2AM in the dead of winter. Bone cold that night and got a call from dispatch that they had an open 911 call and could hear a woman moaning “help me” and then silence. My partner and I arrived at the apartment to find the door slightly cracked open and had a blood smear on it. The apartment was black inside and strangely quiet. We made entry.

It was like something out of a horror movie. The first thing we both noticed was a large arterial spray on the wall that then smeared down to a hallway and disappeared toward the back of the apartment. As we made our way down the hall, blood was smeared down the wall to the bedroom. Blood covered the door handle. We opened the door and saw a lifeless body on a bed, covered in blood (the bed and body). Unbelievably creepy. It was dead silent still in the apartment.

We checked the body and found a faint pulse. The woman was still alive. Turned our she was blind and had other health problems. She had a shunt in her arm, which she has managed to pull out (by mistake, we later found out) and she started bleeding out everywhere.

For those curious, she lived. Though that was 8 years ago, I still remember the creepy, quiet, and staleness of the apartment in the bitter cold.” — 97runner


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