25 Police Officers Reveal The Creepiest Thing To Happen To Them On The Job

If you want to be a cop, you have to be able to handle blood and guts (and possibly the paranormal). Just ask these police officers from Ask Reddit.

18. He molested his own daughter

“Immigration Officer (retired) here. Had a guy come into the office with his attorney to request a stay of his deportation as he had to care for his child. His child was a result of his molesting his daughter, for which he did 10 years in prison.” — Camca

19. His wife accidentally murdered him

“Not a cop, but a security guard. I worked at a truck facility, I get a call from the spotter/yard driver, telling me to call an ambulance and to get back there asap. I turn the camera over and cant find anything other than some woman going nuts next to her trailer. I drive back there and find her screaming her head of about being sorry. Her husband had been adjusting the tandems on the trailer, this requires you to move a lever under it and move the trailer once its in place, sometimes they stick so he told his wife to move the trailer while he held the lever up. The lever stuck, he slipped and his wife ran over him with a fully loaded trailer. He was still alive when I got there. He didn’t make it. We got the spotter to move the trailer so they could get the body out.” — Mix_Master_Floppy

20. They exhumed human bodies

“Responded to a call while in fto (field training) of people exhuming bodies and doing freaky religious crap with them. I have no clue what religion or what they were trying to do but we got there before any body was actually disturbed. The chanting and outfits disturbed me more than any suicide or vehicle accident ever has. I wanted to arrest but my fto just told them to leave. He said if you arrest them they get the arrest report and then they know your name. You don’t want those people to know your name.” — Caleb33

21. His pet rats ate his flesh

“I once found a man who had been dead for a couple of weeks. He had some pet rats. When the food for the rats ran out, they broke free and ate the meat of the man. Everything but his feet, which were still in his shoes, was gone. Just bones.” — Torley54

22. We found a room full of child pornography

“Finding a child pornographer’s photo studio. Like, cheery, bright, and colorful back drops studio. His wife ran a daycare and he would have her pick out the kids with poor parents who couldn’t go to better daycare. He convinced these poor children their parents would abandon them if they found out.

Some cases take all your restraint.” — MSien


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