25 Police Officers Reveal The Creepiest Thing To Happen To Them On The Job

If you want to be a cop, you have to be able to handle blood and guts (and possibly the paranormal). Just ask these police officers from Ask Reddit.

14. He spotted a ghost car

“I have a family member who works in narcotics in the California desert. He told me this story about the ‘ghost car.’

So he was chasing someone on a major highway (not saying which one but it’s probably not hard to figure out), lights and sirens and everything. The guy turns off his lights, swerves into the desert and just… disappears.

He called out for another car to help him find the missing car. The tracks lead into the desert for a short while then the tracks suddenly disappeared. They had a few officers poking around the area but nothing ever came of it. Never found the car.

Strangely enough this isn’t the first time or the last time this has happened. Ghost cars are apparently pretty common among the Mexican drug gangs. They’ve theorized that there’s some kind of hidden underground drug lair out there somewhere but nobody’s ever found anything.” — DevilInsEyed

15. Our impound facility was haunted

“We have this tow impound facility we contract through in our city. After a lot of accidents where the people have died inside the wreckage the vehicles are brought to this place for the bodies to be cut out out of view of the public. Additionally a lot of bad wrecks where people have died are brought here… all of them actually.

Pretty much every person on the staff at this place says that it is haunted. One of our forensic technicians will not go there alone when they have to process a vehicle. They basically told me that one time they were there and they said that there was somebody sitting in one of the cars (that was part of a fatal accident). The technician went to get an employee and when they returned the car was empty. This is a locked down secure warehouse with only one way in.

Being interested, I started to ask the employees more about it every time I had to go there. One time the guy that worked there shows me a video of myself walking around and I guess what you would call a orb flying through the air where I was. I know are the bottom of the barrel with regard to visual evidence, but it was a very stark and unusual image on the surveillance footage.

Other than that incident? A decades-old light bulb turning on an attic that hadn’t been used at all. The guy called thinking somebody had actually broken into his attic it was so strange to him. To make it a little creepier he just put some dead people’s clothes right beneath the attic.

And then there’s the motion detectors for alarms at houses that just go off in the middle of the night with no fans on no air movement whatsoever. I’ve been to so many damn alarms I have a pretty understanding of how they work… but there were probably 3 or 4 that had just no explanation whatsoever.

Not the most exciting stories but I think it is the reality of what most police officers actually encounter.” — Meatheaded

16. He cut off both of his ears

“One of my dad’s stories this would have been LA in the early 1980s.

He gets a call about a car sitting outside a warehouse for a few hours and doesn’t seem to be moving. He figures it’s probably just a guy casing the warehouse for a burglary. He drives out to the car and sees someone sitting in the drivers seat as he approached the car sees blood on all of the windows and as he looks through the driver side window he sees the man is completely naked and covered in blood head to toe. The guys eyes are closed and he is slumped in the car he knocks on the window and the guy slowly opens his eyes and turns his head towards me dad. At the point it become clear, the guy cut both of his ears off with the large fabric shears that are on the passenger seat. He ask the guy to get out of the car, put him in cuffs and called an ambulance. He talked to the guy while they waited for the ambulance, turns out he had been on a PCP bender and heard a buzzing in his ears.

Worst thing he ever saw was the guy who grabbed his infant child by the legs and bashed his head against the Corner of a wall because they ‘were crying to much.'” — [deleted]

17. A fetus was yanked out of her

“I am not a Police Officer, but I am a Public Services student that has studied in depth subjects such as Crime and Effect.

One case I have seen – showed to me on a video in class – pictured an officer arriving at someone’s house after being called by the neighbor who reported screaming, only to find the front door open, blood all over the hallway carpets, and he eventually found a dying woman in her bathroom with a removed fetus laying in the toilet. The women died and the fetus never actually ‘lived.’

The man that did this was found dead 2 days later, hung by his neck from a tree in a local park.

Luckily, the video was mostly censored, so it saved my brain from permanent damage.”  — [deleted]


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