25 Domestically Abused Men Reveal Their Horrifying Stories

7. No decency

Once was at Barnes and noble where this older couple(i think they were a couple) walked in. They sat next to me and this woman was a complete Bitch. Every thing he said she cursed him out, called him stupid and hit him. For me being in elementary school at the time it was was of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen. He never said anything back to her, he just sat and hung his head in shame. I can only imagine how she treated him at home if she act that way in public. I felt so bad for him, crushed really.

Because I was young and stupid I thought giving him a magazine with hot women in it would make him feel better when his wife walked away. I’m pretty sure it was porn. Does Barnes and noble sale porn?

Anyways that was the first time I’ve ever seen a men humiliated like that in public, I’m older now and know it happens a lot more than reported.

8. This is pretty nuts

I was in a long term relationship about 4 years ago with a woman who was a little nuts. Every now and again she’d flip out during a fight and slap or slug me in the jaw, I only ever fought back once to stop her from hitting me (punched her in the arm), which immediately brought everything to a standstill and the “you just hit me” argument started up. It got really bad at the end when I moved out, left most of my stuff and started a new life. The bad part was she found out I was moving into another woman’s house. Totally unexpected, but I met my now wife the day after I broke up with my GF and basically said, “Fuck it, I have nothing to lose” and moved in with her.

Well my ex found out and while I was getting my stuff out she was throwing everything I owned at me, accusing me of cheating, saying how she was going to stab the mattresses I was leaving behind and pretend it was my now wife. My family was helping me move out too… super fucked up. All good now though!

9. Therapy helped

Brief version: My mom attacked me. I fought back. I was certain I was going to be blamed (because it’s always the guy’s fault, and men should never hit women). Went to a therapy session, and the therapist immediately knew I wasn’t the problem, never asked me back, and started a very long, much needed counseling program for her. I have tons of emotional trauma from being attacked by my mother. I don’t tell anyone about it, and am in constant fear of it getting found out.

My mom went through a pretty crazy patch when I was in high school. To put it quickly, she had a lot of issues with not having a job, being in a shitty relationship with my dad, and not feeling like she was in control of anything in her life. Anyway, her crap led to some very nasty behaviors that would only surface with me. I feel a lot of it had to do with me being the only one who would talk to her (everyone else ignored the problems, I confronted her), and being the baby of the family (she wanted to command authority over something). We would get into epic, circular arguments that would just escalate and escalate. The arguments progressed like this: I would question something she said (“the sky is blue because it’s reflecting the sky,” “That’s not what I heard.”) she would get defensive, stop listening, would just start babbling nonsense contradicting herself, then start screaming and shouting. I was too stupid to walk away. I didn’t understand she was going through her own shit. I was genuinely trying to understand her point and communicate… Lesson number one, never try to rationalize with crazy. I’m still struggling with that one.


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