25 Domestically Abused Men Reveal Their Horrifying Stories

3. This is sickening

Old ex-girlfriend was visiting from out of town for a week. We were having a good time I thought . Some conversations about relationships that she didn’t like, but nothing resembling an argument or fight. I guess she thought her coming out to visit would turn into a long term relationship.

Anyway, one night we’re watching a movie, she goes upstairs to get something to eat. While she’s up there she starts yelling at me out of nowhere and then throw a large pot of soup down the stairs. Then some dishes. Then comes downstairs and throws a hammer at me which sticks in the wall, then a jar candle. She then tries to stab me with the broken jar.

This is all out of nowhere, no exaggeration. I had paused the movie, she went upstairs and then just flipped out.

Eventually she calms down. I am terrified of calling the police knowing that I’d probably go to jail. So I encourage her to sleep, and the next day tell her she can’t stay here after what happened. I pay for a hotel room just to get her out of my house. She goes to stay with family in another town and I guess tells them how we got in a fight and who knows what else. Anyway, 2 days after she left my house, I’m home playing skyrim with my daughter when the police come. They ask me if I put my hands on her, I say no, and then I’m arrested and going to jail.

Now I’m out on bail on a form of probation while I wait to set a trial date that can take up to a year.

4. False self-defense

My ex roommate had some serious issues with his girlfriend.

They’d split up at one point and she used a spare key she had (made a copy before giving his key back to him) to break into his house and walk into his bedroom while he was sleeping. She stood over him and then took her lanyard with keys attached and began beating him. He woke up being hit over and over with keys being swung around on a nylon rope. She was screaming at him while doing it. He threw her out of the house and she threatened to call the police to report that he’d started the physical portion of the fight and saying she hit him back in self-defense.

They got back together for some reason.

Same situation happened again with her coming in while he was asleep, only this time she crawled into his bed and began rubbing on him. While he was in this half awake/half asleep state, she started fucking him. He said when he realized it was her on top of him and he wasn’t just dreaming or something he threw her off. She again threatened to report him for physical abuse.

He never reported either incident but I know the rape was terrifying for him and he actually had some issues as a result. There’s not much help and if he went to report it anyway, it would have been his word against hers.

5. Let’s the story straight – boyfriend walks in on girlfriend cheating, girlfriend stabs boyfriend in anger

ComI was stabbed in the arm by my ex with a nail file thing when I walked in on her sleeping with some random she met earlier that night. Before that, she’d never even raised her voice at me. It was like something completely flipped in her head and she turned violent. I did not press charges and we weren’t living together so I simply left, went to the hospital for stitches and never spoke to her again.

We’d been together for eight months for those wondering.ment

6. How about not hitting people – male or female

I was with a girl for about a year. Things got stressful. We both had a couple kids from our first marriages, I worked so she could go to school.

To be fair, I can be a total, disgusting asshole when something makes me defensive. An ability she had in spades. One day I was laying back down. We were both tired and fighting viciously. I said “whatever” and closed my eyes and bam! She punched me three times in the head. I was freaked out, because my mother physically abused me as a child. I’m also 6’2″ and 230 pounds and was an amateur fighter. Violence is a huge insecurity for me and I was afraid I’d put my 4’11” 100 pound girl to sleep or worse, as a reaction, someday. It kept escalating and I was hit with a twenty pound mirror, had countless mugs thrown at me, a pewter figurine, hit, scratched, bit, holes in the walls.

Eventually, I started using explosive, but non injurious force on her. I became violent back after a year. Within a month of me becoming violent in return I made the statement that if I ever touched her in anger again, I was gone. Next day was a knock down, drag out fight that ended with me holding her violently on the floor. I moved into a weekly rental crack house that day and we haven’t lived together since. Took another four years to completely end the relationship. I blew my thirties on that madness and I’m a worse person than when I went into it, but I’m getting over that trauma slowly.


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