25 Domestically Abused Men Reveal Their Horrifying Stories

Please men: leave after the first sign. The courts are not in favor of men and it has the probability of escalating. Physical size and gender means nothing, abuse is abuse. If you’re embarrassed just don’t tell others the truth, just GTFO. She gets away with it because she plays the helpless victim, she’s done it before as many others have.

25. A light among the darkness

As a woman, I apologise for the social stigma surrounding abusive relationships. It’s common and somewhat ‘expected’ of women to be abused and to be immediately seen as a victim, as soon as the gender roles are reversed then the man is called ‘weak,’ told to ‘man up’ by society and even by the police at times. Or the woman quite simply uses the self defense card.

It’s sickening and disgusting that some women do this, but this is so much more common than people realise. Domestic violence happens regardless of gender, mental and physical.

If you have ever, ever been a victim or are currently a victim of domestic violence then there is help for you, it’s ok to stand up for yourself and say ‘no’ to the attacker.

There are so many places that can help, here’s a google page with many results.

And if you’re unsure of wether or not you’re being abused mentally, here’s a questionnaire that can pinpoint whether your partner is treating you right. Let’s just ignore the ‘women’s aid’ title, because you may need help too.

Please, please please don’t let yourself be a victim and let the attacker get away with it, the more people who stand up the more this situation can be dealt with equally.
There is no shame in being attacked or hurt, you being the first to stand up and say no is a sign of strength. Let yourself be an example that you’re not afraid of being portrayed as ‘weak’ by the media or society because you were attacked by a woman.

Gender inequality needs to stop and I’m sorry that this is still an issue today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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