32 People Talk About Why Guys Never Get The Hint When A Woman Flirts With Them

22. There’s Also The Handlebar Mustache Test

If she tells your that your handlebar mustache is actually “pretty unique” or “super cool”, she really wants you to ask her out and then shave your mustache.

23. And Easing Your Way In Lets Them Know You Might Be Into Them

I have just waited until I got to know them better and ask if they want to get together just to hang out. If they say no, they said no to hanging out and I get the hint that they’re not interested in anything of the relationship sort. If they say yes, then cool, we’ll hang out. Then I just leave it up to the guy to plan then next one. If they don’t plan the next one, then I can take the same hint. However, if a guy asks me out/ tells me he likes me and I don’t feel the same way back, I do my very best to let them down gently, but make sure they get the message I’m not interested, keep the awkwardness down as much as I can, and proceed as if nothing was said It’s not like anything has REALLY changed. I don’t see why people need to make a big gossipy deal about it.

For advice for the guys, start off with inviting them along for group events and stuff like that. It’s easier to take slow steps and make sure that she’s receptive to the invites and then work your way to one on one stuff. That way, if she keeps saying no, it’s not as big of a deal if it’s something more casual than a date. If she shoots you down and acts like a rude little girl, you have dodged a bullet. You may not realize it right after she says no, but once you move on, you will see it as the blessing that it is.

Sorry for the wall of text, good luck (I am a female by the way)

24. The Camouflage Strategy, Doomed To Failure

I clam up and start ignoring the dude. Also I NEVER make eye contact.

25. But Honestly, Even Guys Can Be Hard To Read

Man, I had this one dude that I was flirting pretty hard with for a while. Lots of joking, touching, hanging out and I’m getting pretty tired of waiting for him to ask me out.

A big group of us are hanging out one night and the topic of girls asking out guys comes up. I may have started it – I honestly can’t remember. The guy stares directly at me as he says, “I actually think it would be pretty hot if a girl did the asking.” Bingo, I’m in.

We get back to partying and drinking, I get my nerve up and ask him he would like to go on an actual date. He gets a strange look on his face and says, “I guess it sounds good in theory but now I feel like you’re the more dominant one and I’m not comfortable with that.” Dude!

He tried to ask me out a week later and I turned him down. I probably dodged a dick full of crazy, but seriously, really dude?!


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