32 People Talk About Why Guys Never Get The Hint When A Woman Flirts With Them

29. And Guys Don’t Know Why Girls Flirt This Way

All girls are different so if you think there is an easy way out in “picking up hints” you are wrong. Most girls are just as shy as you, except they were raised that being the one to make moves is “unladylike”, wrong, and slutty, so chances are she is praying you come to her. Girls like attention, if we wanted to date someone who’d pay us no mind we’d go date a chair.

ACTUALLY act interested in her, her likes/dislikes, her hobbies, and her appearance, you will go so much farther than you thought. It is so damn rare to find a guy who cares, and just being nice alone is not enough. Especially since that “nice” mode stops like 1-3 months later -Girls play hard to get because a lot of times guys dive right in without knowing the girl and this is uncomfortable as hell. We are purposely distancing ourselves from you to get a good look at how you will act further down the road. If our “too hard to get” thing pisses you off then we know we haven’t found a good match.

A guy that cares will be a guy that keeps pushing to get to know us. -Complimenting our appearance right from the get-go can shut you into the instant friendzone for some girls, not everyone likes having compliments shoved into their face about their bodies/looks right from the start. Its uncomfortable (AND CREEPY) and tells them all you care about is how they look. Rejection sucks sure, but its way better than a lot of other things, so just ask or you will never know and waste a chance.

30. And Why It Can Seem So Victorian Age

Things I do:

  • Linger a lot even when I have somewhere I need to go.
  • Pay more attention to them in a group of people.
  • Probably sit really close, touch them more. I am not a touchy person at all. I avoid touching most guys, so I think this is the most significant.
  • I pick on my friends a lot, we joke around by making fun of each other. I have the mentality of a kid in grade school so I would most likely make fun of them more than other people.
  • Sneak looks and then look away.


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