32 People Talk About Why Guys Never Get The Hint When A Woman Flirts With Them

7. And He Absolutely Wouldn’t Notice This

I casually mention something I would love to do. For example, “I really want to see XYZ movie!” or “I’ve always wanted to try ABC restaurant!”

8. The Reason Why Is Simple

You’d think it was that easy, but no chance, because girls with boyfriends also like to go to see XYZ movie or try ABC restaurant, and they also like to tell us.

We still don’t know shit!

9. Maybe There Should Be Rules?

Simple answer: once girls enter a relationship they are no longer allowed to like things. That way, when a girl says she likes something, we know she’s single! It’s foolproof!

10. Touching Is Definitely More Direct

Subtle touches on the arm. Seriously, if I don’t like you I’m not gonna actively touch you.

11. But A Girl Could Be Nervous For Totally Different Reasons

If I am looking you in the eyes and smiling a lot, I am interested.

If I am unable to hold a conversation like a normal human being, but keep asking you dumb questions, it is because I am VERY interested and therefore unbelievable nervous. (Just give me a little time/a few drinks and it will get better).


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