16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You

13. Once we tore down the wall, weird stuff started happening

 Let me preface this by saying I consider myself a student of science and reason. I am an atheist and do not believe in spirits or ghosts. So to tell this story and to have seen what I have with my own eyes conflicts with my present day beliefs.

In the early 90’s, when I was about 10, my family lived in this very rural old house that had been updated to have a garage connected to it. One summer my father decided to add a new bedroom to our house by converting half the garage into a room, knocking down the connecting wall to add a door. What my parents didn’t know at the time was that the wall in our living room, that would have supposedly connected to the garage was a false wall. There was about 2 feet of additionally space between the house and the garage. Inside the false wall were Confederate artifacts. A uniform, a hat, some bullets etc.. nothing major.

Well construction went on. I got to move into the new bedroom. That’s when things started happening. One night, as I had started to go to bed, I felt my mom lay her hand on my leg and sigh. I asked mom what she was doing. No answer. So I asked again, unable to see cause of the dark. After the person at the end of my bed just looked at me and my eyes adjusted, I screamed bloody hell. The figure walked back towards the door as my parents burst into my room. My parents claimed I was just having a nightmare.

Later, I was in my old room, the one my new baby brother was going to be living in; I when to unplug my electric keyboard from the wall. It wouldn’t come out of the outlet. I pulled and pulled. And finally it shot out and a giant bolt of electricity shot out after me. It just barely got close enough. I told my parents. They said I was just imagining it. They chalked it up to me being afraid that I would lose attention from my new baby brother that was coming.

Then I started school in August. I came home one day, got off the school bus and began walking down our very long driveway to my house. The house’s kitchen had two large sliding glass doors that led to our patio in the front of the house. As I got closer to the house, I thought I saw my dad standing in the kitchen. But I looked and his truck wasn’t in the driveway. Maybe he parked in the back and is working in the old barn, I thought to myself. I walked closer and could see that he was wearing an old Civil War uniform. I slowed walked closer to the house, and realized it wasn’t my dad in the house.

The person standing there had a grey face and his eyes were black and sunken in. And as I slowly walked closer and closer to the house, just like in present day movies, the figure popped as it he walked toward me through the doors. I dropped everything and ran as fast as I could back up the driveway crying and screaming. Eventually when my parent came home I told them what happened. My mom said she believed me and that she had felt something and they put the house and land up for sale.

One day while I was at school, about two days before they were going to close on selling the house, my neighbor who I would stay with after school since the incident, came to pick me up early from school. I knew immediately something was wrong. Why else would my neighbor pick me up? They wouldn’t tell me what was wrong till I got halfway home. Then they said my house burned down. I get home and my mom and dad were crying. I remember them worrying about if the person who was going to buy the house would back out. But they didn’t. They went on with the sale as they wanted the 40 acres of land.

I was so relieved when we went to live in a temporary house while we built a new one, just up the road. Ten years later, the house burned again. We think it was on or around the same day our house burned.

So present day, I have no explanation for those events. Nor would I ever step foot in that house again. Here is an aerial view of the house and the driveway I would walk.


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