16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You

6. What is he looking at??

I was on a cross-country drive solo heading out West, because I was solo I didn’t want to waste money and time on a motel when I could just grab some sleep in my car. At around 11 or 12 at night I arrive at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere (I would assume Louisiana or something) the nearest exits were about 20 miles apart from each other and were like towns with 300 people in them max.

I don’t know what caused me to wake up, but I opened my eyes and saw some guy in front of the driver window staring into my car (I assume a bum by how he was dressed). There were no other cars around except for like 1 big rig. I don’t know what he was doing there at 3 am but it freaked me the fuck out because it was literally just the highway and nothing else nearby. Nothing. The dude tried to open the door and I just sat there. He left without seeing I was awake, but as he was leaving I just turned on my car and kept driving. Crazy thinking how things would have gone if I forgot to lock my door.



My grandfather was once preaching at a church he hadn’t visited before. After the service, he stayed behind with the steward and recalls how the room suddenly went freezing cold. They both then turned at the same moment to see a massive heavy Bible fly off the pulpit (fly is the word he uses: it landed several feet away from where it had fallen).

The steward made some comment about stuff like that happening quite often. My grandfather hightailed it out of there.

— impossiblevoyage

8. I’m glad this story ended well…

I used to pick up my prescriptions at a late night pharmacy in a bad part of town, because they always renewed early, and I liked my drugs. One night, a large homeless man asked me for money as I was walking out. I mumbled something about not having cash and continued walking to my car. As I approach my car, I look in the reflection of my driver’s side window and see that he’s been following me, and is now right behind me.

He has this hard, angry look on his face. I’m a little chick, and I didn’t want him forcing his way in my car, so I gripped my keys and turned around to face him. Right as I did, an old hooptie pulls up beside us, rolls down the back window, and a German Shepard sticks his head out and starts ferociously barking at the man. Creepy bum takes off running, the two men in the front seat of the car wordlessly nod to me, and peel out into the night.

— Bathysphere710

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