16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You

14. What was holding him down?

Abount 15 years ago some Navy buddies and I decided to go ghost hunting. We had heard of this place where some strage shit would happen. It was a park near a beach and rail road tracks in Pensacola Florida. We went there and found that it was a trail through some woods that would go towards the railroad tracks, then would come back to the main road about 1/4 a mile away. We went in and everything was dark but not too creepy. About a quarter through the trail one of my buddies started freaking out about some dude following us. We looked and saw nothing.

We kept going and he was knocked to the ground. He started struggling to get up. His eyes were bulging and he wasn’t breathing. He was struggling and trying to get up but couldn’t. He was reaching for the wooden rails but still couldn’t pull himself up. He even ripped 2 fingernails out of his fingers trying. We tried to help him up but couldn’t get him up. this was odd because he was the smallest one of us. It was like he was being held down. His lips were starting to turn blue and he was frantic. Then in the struggle my other buddies silver cross fell out of his shirt and then everything stopped. We hightailed it out of there and never went there again…we actually never went ghost hunting again either.

— Encryptedmind

15. What was pulling the curtain?

Back when I was a teenager me and my friends would drive to this little dead end town in the mountains. There was this abandoned (condemned) bed & breakfast there that had been shut down for years. Apparently the upstairs floor has started to collapse. I mean this place was built in the 1800’s. Anyways we use to go there to “scare ourselves” as it was rumored this place was haunted.

One night when we went out there we were all shining flash lights in the upper windows. I kid you not, one of the curtains on the farthest right upper floor window slowly opened, stayed open for about ten to fifteen seconds as if someone was looking at us, then slowly closed. There is very little possibility someone would’ve been in a condemned B&B at midnight, let alone on the top floor that was collapsing. It was very creepy and still years later we used to go and break in and drink in there and whatnot and have heard and seen some more creepy shit, but this one instance stands out.

— Paffmassa

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