16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You

9. “If you went to work, then who is in the house with me?”

When I was a teenager I had problems with my mom and ended up living with my boyfriend’s mom for about 6 months while I got my shit together. Her mom had passed away that Christmas, so she wanted some company and had an extra bedroom. One night after work we were watching TV and I told her “Ellen, I feel like I’m getting sick, I’ll probably call into work tomorrow,” she says “yeah I feel like I’m catching a bug too, maybe I’ll stay home too.” The next day I felt crappy, so I called in to work, then passed out and woke up around 10am because I heard some shuffling and small thumps around downstairs, like somebody was getting a drink in the kitchen and then I heard the TV come on and play for a bit. After a while of laying in bed feeling miserable, I decided I was hungry enough to get myself some breakfast, and while I was convincing myself to get up I texted Ellen and asked if she wanted me to pick up some breakfast for her, too. She says “oh, I went in to work after all. No thanks!”

I’m a scaredycat so that really skeeved me out, and I just sat in bed waiting to hear more sounds. Eventually I heard the TV sounds stop, and more shuffling and little thumping noises going back down the hall from the living room to Ellen’s bedroom. Wooden floors really make everything louder. Once I heard the door close, I quietly picked up my keys and snuck out the front door (I made sure Ellen’s car wasn’t in the driveway, because I wasn’t sure if she was joking with me) and didn’t come back until I knew Ellen would be back from work. When I told her about it, she was totally unsurprised and said “oh yeah, my mom still comes by sometimes, the dogs get weird and act like they can see things moving around that I can’t see, and I hear her walking with her walker around the kitchen some days.”

She had a theory that her mom was mad at her for “letting” her dad die (he was very very old, and in a coma, eventually she made the call to ‘pull the plug’), so she hung around the place in her ghostly state to terrorize Ellen.

It all took me very aback and while I don’t believe most ghostly stories, and Ellen was a little crazy and a lot alcoholic, I don’t have an explanation for the sounds I definitely heard that day.

— CanIEvenRightNow

10. Grave digging gets even spookier

My dad was a grave digger as a teenager. Usually they dug a grave in the daytime and were done well before dark. Well my dad decided to go screw around with some friends and told the other guy he’d be back to finish his part. He didnt get back until it sundown, so now he was stuck digging alone in the dark with a gas lamp (this was a long time ago). He did have the company of the groundskeeper’s little jack russell terrier.

So he’s almost done, working on the last bit by the foot of the grave, when the dog starts making these alternating growls and whines. He was so focused on finishing the grave and trying to not freak himself out that he refused to turn around for a good 10 minutes.

When he finally did there was a massive guy, standing at the tombstone just staring down at my dad. He was wet from the waist down and the bottom of his pants were torn off and covered in mud. My dad said he crawled out of the grave and ran like a bat out of hell.

When he got to the road about a mile away there were police cruisers with their flood lights on, driving slowly and clearly looking for someone. I guess the guy had escaped from an asylum in the town over, and had waded in a few miles of swamps before walking into the cemetery.

— pearmonster

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