16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You


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1. We thought he was gone forever

At 2-3 years old, my cousin was kidnapped. At the time they lived in a big city, outside of the United States. He was on the playground with his brother and babysitter, when he was suddenly grabbed and thrown into a van that sped away. Someone from the neighborhood (that was already in their car) tried to follow them but the van got away.

They (my aunt/ uncle) ended up filing a police report and were pretty much told by them to not to keep their hopes up. Weirdly by the end of the evening, that same day, my cousin was dropped back off at the playground. When they asked my cousin what happened, apparently all the kidnappers did was drive him around the city, gave him a bunch of candy/ toys and dropped him back off.

— ThisWasNotPlanned

2. They got pissed, and then they found me

I got into an argument with somebody over Reddit and he(or she) PMed me my address and a picture of my house from a realtor website. I created a new reddit account after that (the one I am currently using)

— briantriggersme

3. Why isn’t he responding?

I hike a lot in remote areas. I was hiking in PA…miles from anything. Not even on a trail…just bushwhacking through the woods when I come up on this guy about 200 feet away sitting on this log. Just sitting there in jeans and a hoodie over his head…staring at me. I wave. He doesn’t wave back. I start walking over, wave again and yell something like ‘wow, wasn’t expecting to see anyone else out here.’ No response.

I was getting a little nervous, but you know, I had already committed so keep approaching. Then I start noticing rock piles in circles and things (like scraps of clothing) hanging in the trees.

I get about ten feet from him and this freaking pheasant takes off, scaring the crap out of me.

That’s when I notice it’s a mannequin. Sitting there, dressed up, surrounded by strange rock piles and things hanging in the trees miles from anything.

I high-tailed it out of there, thinking maybe I had come upon something drug-related. I have no idea.

— evilmonkey2

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