16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You

12. If she’s out here, who’s in my bed?

Before I was born, my parents bought a run down house for a really cheap price. Two storey house, 3 bedrooms with sufficient lightning and is livable. Right behind the house, a river is located whereas when rain season comes, the house would be flooded and wild animals would enter the house. Not a great location, though yet my parents were desperate to find somewhere to live in after they got married.

The last owner of the house was on old lady that was in her deathbed, wanted to leave some money for her daughters before she died. Well, 2 weeks after my parents signed the papers, she sadly passed away. My parents never knew anything about the history of the house. A colleague of parents that lived around the same area introduced the owner to my parents. All I know is that the house was built in 1920s, and was one of the house to be built in the area.

So time passed, my sister was born 4 years before mr and we grew up there till I was 7. We had a good memory of the house, yet there was an event that my family and I could never forget

When I was 6 years old, my parents room and our room (sisters and I) were right beside each other. I was a scaredy cat, always wanted to sleep besides my parents. Alhough, that one night that I didn’t, something bizzare happened

Before my sister and I went to sleep, we brushed our teeth, where my sister accidently spilled water on her pajamas. She changed into a new set of one, leaving her set of wet pajama in the bathroom. We then shortly fell asleep

I woke up at 3 am, feeling extremely cold and confused. I lived in a country where it is always hot throughout the year. We didn’t have air conditioner at the time. So with limited ventilation, the room was usually extremely hot. Looking around, still feeling confused, I was able to hear my sister’s deep breathing on top of the bunkbed. Her breathing was in rhythm and I didn’t bother to check on her. I remember walking towards the door to move to my parents room.

Right outside our room is where our living room is located. A big grey couch is located in the centre of the room and there was my sister, wearing the wet pajamas sitting on the floor infront of the couch.

Her face was partly covered with her hair. Her hands on her knees where she was squatting while staring at me with a smile on her face. I vividly remember staring at her back, and wondered, who’s this girl? Is she my sister?.

I was extremely scared and dumbfounded, remembering that my sister was fast asleep in the room. Although, hard to deny, she looked exactly like my sister. I remember that she was really pale and had the same haircut as her.

But then, if she isn’t my sister, then who is she? Whos the girl thats sleeping on top of my bunkbed?

After a minute of two of staring, I remember running as quickly as possible to my parent’s. Leaving the mysterious girl outside and a story to tell the next day.

I don’t believe in supernatural stuff but yet, right until this day, I still couldn’t explain what happened. My parents still remember me telling the story the next day. It was a very weird experience, and now that I’m reminded of the story, I’m very interested to know the history of the house.

— dogsarebeautiful

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