50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

46. Not clear on whether the world is getting better, or worse


To anyone who’s thinking that these are all old stories and such stuff doesn’t happen today – Just about a week back, a group of six men raped and severely wounded a 23yr woman in a bus in the Indian capital city Delhi.
This is current news on every news channel on TV right now and has caused a huge uproar among people. The girl is in critical condition. Even if she recovers, she probably cannot eat and live like a normal person ever again because of the wounds.

47. There’s a dog ghost haunting space


Laika – the first dog in space (Russia/USSR)
no re-entry plan was ever made. the dog was doomed to die of starvation or suffocation once it was in orbit.

48. Hide and seek


When my mom was ten, she still lived in Thailand and often went outside and played with the neighbor’s kids. The houses in Thailand are extremely close together, and she lived on a ‘U’ shaped street and they were playing at the end of the ‘U’. Her family was really close with the neighbors and the adults were all just hanging out in the lawn. The kids started playing a game of Hide and Seek and things were going pretty well, until they couldn’t find one of the girls. They searched everywhere, and the adults helped, but they couldn’t find her. That was a good thirty years ago, and the girl was never found. My mom refused to let me play Hide and Seek, and she was obviously traumatized from the experience.



A man who was disfigured walked around at night because he didn’t want people to see him in the day time. People called him Charlie No-Face, and they told their kids stories about him. kids raised on these stories are surprised to find out that he was a real person.

Not dark but its kinda creepy.


50. Don’t help people, ever


I teach middle school English in Korea.

One of my students was walking into her families apartment complex when a old lady asked for her help lifting some things. The old lady then said she had some more things in the car and asked for help. My student was reluctant but agreed to help. When she got to the car some guy pushed her in and another guy started driving off. She saw a hammer and some rope in the front seat.

Luckily she had the toe of her sneaker stuck in the door and so it remained slightly open. When the car slowed on a turn she jumped out and ran home. The old lady was still out front talking to the second guy and so she used the side entrance. Apparently this happens frequently. TC mark



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