50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

36. Bad smell


First I have to apologize because I don’t know specifics as far as where exactly this took place, or the names of the people involved. My mother has a friend ( or co-worker. Can’t remember exactly since this was a few years ago she told me) who used to live in Maine ( I am 90 percent sure it’s Maine. Once again apologies.) Who lived next to a family she considered to be normal. A husband, wife, and two sons lived there and nothing ever seemed out of place. One day my mothers friend was sitting in her house and smelled something a little off. The smell was one of those weak smells that don’t smell terrible, and it even makes you think that it is just in your head. Fast forward two days and the smell had grown stronger and worse. When she called the authorities, they determined that the smell was coming from the neighbors house. When they investigated, they discovered that the parents had decided to cook their sons in the oven and just leave it on.

Who does that!!?? I mean, if it was just one person, you could say that as unfortunate as the situation is, it is insanity. when two people conspire,however, that is not insanity. that is something else entirely. I guess you could say that it is pure evil, but I feel like that is too vague a statement. Does anybody know of anything, psychologically speaking or otherwise, that would cause two grown adults to do something like this? Maybe it is insanity, but I feel that it would be unlikely in this situation.

37. Therapy???



tl;dr Child abuse victim undergoing attachment therapy was suffocated to death by a flannel blanket in her own vomit under the watch of her therapists. All of this was videotaped.

38. Failed kidnapping


My Parents friend told me once about a genuine terrifying story that happened to someone at his work.
His colleague at work, a woman in her mid-30’s, was on holiday in Portugal with her family for the summer. Herself and her daughter were shopping in a supermarket close to the the hotel. Just for a second, to collect some groceries from the shelves , the mother lets go of the daughter’s hand. The mother collects her things and begins to move to the next aisle and that is when she notices her child is missing. This took place shortly after the Madeline McCann disappearance, and fully aware that she was in a crowded supermarket the mother flips out. She starts screaming for her child, that her child is missing and is so distressed that the store freaks out with her. Shutters come down, alarms are sounded and the staff begin a search for the girl.

They found the girl still alive, in the bathroom. Her hair had been cut and she was wearing a different set of plain clothes. If they had taken but a few seconds more to find her, she would’ve been gone for good. Thinking about it gives me chills.

39. 9/11 911 call


There was at least one guy, Kevin Cosgrove, on the phone with 911 operators on 9/11. He was on the phone, and his call was being recorded, as the tower collapsed. It’s not for the faint of heart, and is one of the only things on the internet that has really chilled me to the core. It’s not something people don’t know about, really, more like something no one really thinks about. There were people on the phone with others outside the towers as they fell, and those listening got to hear what happened.


40. Buried alive


I’m a tour guide in Savannah, Georgia. I tell this story on my historical and haunted tours, and as far as I know it’s all true.

Savannah suffered three major fires in 1796, 1820, and 1889. Immediately after each fire yellow fever swept the city. Stagnant water had collected in the foundations of the buildings destroyed by the fires, breeding mosquitoes and spreading yellow fever. The citizens thought the epidemic was airborne, and the seemingly coincidental and devastating events led many to believe the city was cursed.
Yellow fever is nasty. It begins like the flu. Children and people with compromised immune systems would often experience liver failure, resulting in Jaundice (hence, yellow fever). Ultimately people ended up vomiting blood, which appeared black and reinforced the belief that the city was cursed and that the infected were possessed by demons.

Most who made it to this stage of the illness died, but some fell into a coma, which, by those medical standards, closely resembled death. Because the citizens believed the epidemic to be airborne, they felt it was of the utmost importance to bury the Yellow Fever victims as quickly as possible. Some comatose victims were mistaken for dead and buried alive.

The city of Savannah built over most of its cemeteries, and burial records were destroyed in the fires. There have been instances in recent years in which workers have unearthed coffins with scratch marks inside the lids, bodies with broken fingers, etc. And the creepiest part about it is that there have been outbreaks of Yellow Fever in the past couple years.



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