50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

26. Witnessing evil


It is in the German memoir “Sniper on the Eastern Front”. The story I am about to tell give me chills even to this day, and I think about it often. It is March 1945, and the Germans have been pushed back by the Russians into Germany and Czechoslovakia. He was scouting some German village in the Sudetenland. A Russian platoon drove around, so he hid in a caved out building, so this lone sniper had a front row seat to the horror to what was to follow. The platoon was plundering the village until it ran into this German couple. The russians then tied up the Husband, and forced him to watch as the russians, in order of ranking personnel, raped the wife. One. by. one. She was screaming in agony, fell in and out of consciousness, and was in so much pain. When the last russian was finished with her, he shoved a flare gun up the woman’s vagina, and fired it. The woman screamed out the most “animalistic, brutal, and haunting scream” the german has ever heard, as the flare was slowly burning the woman’s insides and blood/flare residue/ flames were rushing out of her body, and then she slumped over dead. German reinforcements soon arrived, and killed/ wounded the platoon, and the husband went into his house, grabbed an abject (I recall it was a shovel) and hacked the remaining wounded russians on the ground until they were all dead. Some of the Germans tried stopping him, but the lone sniper held them back.

27. Skin suit


I heard about this really really old lady, thought to be about 101 who lived in a small stone hovel in South America, Chile I think. She always wore a hood over her head and talked in a shrill rasping voice. By day, she worked at a meat stall, and by night she would hobble back to her house, in her full length gown. Her skin was greyed and incredibly wrinkled and dry, she looked by most accounts like a witch and many children in the village feared her.

It was only after aid workers came to the village after an earthquake which left it without supply routes that they actually examined this old woman and found that the woman’s granddaughter was actually wearing her grandmothers skin, and that the grandmother had died from natural causes years ago. The girl, who if I remember correctly was about 14-15, gutted, bled and cured the grandmother’s corpse and left an opening in the back of the skin that she could climb into. Worse still, she had left the skin of the face, cured and intact and could put her head up inside and fill out the skin on the head and peer out of the eye holes which she enlarged.

After being removed from the grotesque suit and asked about the ordeal she said she did it so she could carry on working because her mother had died, and so she could maintain her status in the community, she also said she enjoyed playing make-belief with the corpse and that the whole process gave her much enjoyment. The girl was thought to have run away years back.

28. Missing memory


I woke up at 7 years old, totally naked, with the sole window in my room open; screen placed outside propped up against the house. I have no memory of what may have happened or how I came to be naked in the middle of the night. I went to my mother, in my predicament, who rolled over and told me I was fine. I took her word for it, put some clothes on, and went back to bed. I still have no idea what happened. I do remember her putting the window screen back into it’s proper place the next day, and nothing else was ever said.

29. Brainwashing gone wrong


Karin Catherine Waldegrave, a well-educated English woman who moved to Canada and made a bunch of lengthy Facebook wall posts addressed to nobody replying only to her previous comments and reaching up to 4000 posts a week . The posts went into as much detail to suggest it being the result of some covert secret service brainwashing scandal or a sudden snap into schizophrenic delirium. As suddenly as it started though, she disappeared and there has been no report of her since.

30. Mystery boxers


my roommate’s sister lives in a suburban part of Delaware, right outside of Wilmington. Her neighborhood had been experiencing all these weird break-ins for a bit, break-ins where nobody could figure out what had been taken. Finally, one day she comes home and finds a pair of men’s boxers on her pillow (to the skeptics, she lives alone) She immediately calls the police and gets the hell out of Dodge, locking her doors before she leaves. The police come with her back to her house, and find the door unlocked, meaning the man was almost certainly inside her house when she made the discovery



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