50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

22. Dangerous admirer


Back in high school I had received a 3 page note from the quiet kid in class telling me how beautiful I was, how he would sit in class and stare at me. 2 weeks later the entire town finds out he had been raping his little sister since she was 12.

23. Volunteer cannibal victim


The story of Armin Meiwes, the man who used the internet to find a voluntary victim that would allow him to kill and eat them.

24. Columbine was supposed to be much worse


The intention of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wasn’t to just commit a school shooting. They made multiple 20 pound bombs. 2 of which they brought into the cafeteria which were supposed to detonate at 11:17am and 2 more, one in each of their cars set to detonate a short time later. Those were timed to go off when people were running out of the school. They studied the school for months. Plotting and figuring out when the cafeteria and the library were most full so their bombs could do the most damage. Their intention was to detonate the bombs in the cafeteria at the peak hour thus causing the library above to collapse in on it. This alone would have killed hundreds. They then would have positioned themselves outside picking off survivors as they ran out side. Their secondary devices would have killed people running past their cars as they tried to get away. After they realized their bombs hadn’t gone off is when they decided to start going inside and shooting people. In one of the videos from the cafeteria Eric Harris can be seen shooting one of the propane tanks with his gun ( possibly his first attempt at suicide that day). Most people think Columbine was because of bullying where studies have shown that Eric Harris was a psychopath who believed himself better then everyone around him ( hence he wore a ” natural selection” shirt during the massacre). They believe that something like this would have happened either way with Eric Harris while Dylan Klebold was heavily influenced by Eric and probably would hae not committed something like this without that influence.

“The killers, in fact, laughed at petty school shooters. They bragged about dwarfing the carnage of the Oklahoma City bombing and originally scheduled their bloody performance for its anniversary. Klebold boasted on video about inflicting “the most deaths in U.S. history.” Columbine was intended not primarily as a shooting at all, but as a bombing on a massive scale. If they hadn’t been so bad at wiring the timers, the propane bombs they set in the cafeteria would have wiped out 600 people. After those bombs went off, they planned to gun down fleeing survivors. An explosive third act would follow, when their cars, packed with still more bombs, would rip through still more crowds, presumably of survivors, rescue workers, and reporters. The climax would be captured on live television. It wasn’t just “fame” they were afterโ€”Agent Fuselier bristles at that trivializing termโ€”they were gunning for devastating infamy on the historical scale of an Attila the Hun. Their vision was to create a nightmare so devastating and apocalyptic that the entire world would shudder at their power.”


TL:DR Columbine was supposed to kill hundreds not 13.

25. Clipperton Island


Always found the clipperton island story totally creepy: a man stranded with 17 women on a desert island for 2 years going into a power trip…




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