50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

J.B. Hill
J.B. Hill

1. Surprise roomate


A 58 year old man living alone in Japan started hearing noises at night and noticing things out of place in his house. He installed video cameras. Turns out a homeless woman had been living in his attic and cupboards for almost a YEAR in his house, undetected.

This is why I get freaked out when I hear things at night.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2054057/Homeless-woman-comes-out-of-closet.html

2. A terrifying serial killer at-large


The story of California’s (probably) worst uncaught serial offender:


A serial rapist begins a long series of home-invasion rapes in Sacramento in 1976. He frequently breaks into homes in the daytime prior to committing the rapes and would do things like unload guns, leave pieces of rope to use as bindings during the attack, remove screens from windows. He would also call victims both before and after attacks. In 1978 he begins attacking all throughout northern California. In 1979, he vanishes. One of the more chilling instances is at a community meeting in Sacramento regarding rape. A man stands up and declares that he would protect his wife if the rapist came to attack them. That couple is victimized next; he was there and must have followed them home.

A sample of one of his calls:

In the late 1990s, DNA reveals that he moved to southern California and became a serial killer starting in December 1979. He committed 10 murders from 1979 to 1986 ranging from Goleta to Dana Point.

3. Sociopathic child


HBO doc about a six year old with reactive attachment disorder who repeatedly tortured animals, sexually molested her brother, and attempted to kill her adoptive parents by coming into their bedroom at night with a knife. The doc shows her calmly telling her therapist about the incidents very soon after they happened – really creepy and sad.

4. I wish this wasn’t real


Part of this is well documented, part of it is a little sketchy, but here is the TLDR of Danny Laplante.
A pregnant woman and her children are found murdered. The suspect is a creepy high school student who lived in the neighborhood. Sure enough, they track him down and it goes to trial, very gruesome details. Then they come to find out it was not his first offense…he had disappeared before when he was 15, and he was discovered, according to the story, living/hiding in the walls of a girl whose family he had been stalking. There are some freaky detail including his masturbation preferences, etc. Here are some supposed details and some sources:

The movie finished and the girls went off to change for bed. At the same time the dad came home. The youngest, 8 or so, was in her bedroom. She opened her closet and found Danny LaPlante standing there with a hatchet. He was dressed in her dead mothers clothes with make-up smeared on his face. He told her to be quiet and tied her up. He eventually tied up the whole family in the bedroom. He told them he was going to kill them, he’d be right back so start praying. The guess is he went to ransack valuables.

Thankfully, the youngest was able to wriggle free. She jumped out of the neighbors house who called the cops before coming back over with a gun to free the family. He freed the dad and the daughters but didn’t see LaPlante. Cops came and couldn’t find LaPlante.

The family stays with relatives for two weeks to get away from the house. In that time nobody’s found LaPlante. The family has to come home. They pull in their driveway see that motherfucker standing in the window. The father starts yelling. Neighbors come over. They surround the house. Cops come and search the house.

They don’t find Danny but find a disturbing scene. Pennies are glued to the ceiling. Strange writings are on the wall. All of their clothes, furniture, and fucking everything had been jacked off on. But no Danny. They search the house. Nothing.

Nothing until a cop in the basement hears a noise coming from behind the washing machine. Cops rush in and pull the washing machine away from the wall and find a hole. In that hole is Danny.

5. The IRL boogey man


This one always gets to me…


“I like children. They are tasty.” – Albert Fish


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