50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

17. Vlad the Impaler


When Vlad the Impaler was about to be invaded, he (true to his title) impaled hundreds of peasants on his countries border so that his attackers would see how ruthless he was. It worked, and the invaders turned back and went home.

Historians believe Vlads penchant for impaling stemmed from sexual abuse from men while he was a boy.

Also, he experimented with different methods of impaling. Through various orifices, and in his off time would eat his meals while watching people slowly dying upon their spikes.

18. A case for veganism :(


What about the pig farmers from British Columbia (Canada) who would bring hookers to their farm, kill them and then feed them to the pigs. The number of dead women is up to 27, but who knows how many others they got away with.

19. Feral child


Genie the feral child

20. Hi-Fi murders


Hi-Fi Murders in Utah. Dale S. Pierre and William Andrews (Members of the US Air Force) broke into a home Audio shop to rob it and took 5 people hostage. They gave the hostages a Blue liquid that they told them was vodka laced with sleeping pills, the vitims refused to drink it. The blue liquid wasnt vodka it was actually Drano that they then forced them to drink which made the victims flesh peel away and caused sever blisters. They then stomped a pen into one of the hostages ear. There was also a teenage girl held hostage that they raped multiple times then threw her on her face and shot her in the head.

21. Silent Hill inspiration


Centralia, Pennsylvania. It was a pretty decent sized coal mining town and in the 60’s, a fire (which I believe was started at a landfill, but was not put out completely) caught an exposed coal vein on fire and the fire burns underground to this day. In the 80’s, the government started paying people to leave and buying up all of the land and destroying the houses so no one could live there. Since they didn’t exactly force people to leave, the town still has a population of about ten. There is enough coal underground to keep the fire burning for a very long time.

I have been there before and in person, it is really eerie. It’s a bunch of empty streets with one or two houses, a church, and some cemeteries. One part of the highway, which was closed off and rerouted because of the fire, is all cracked and misshapen so the road is really uneven. One of the weirdest things is the steam that comes out through the ground. It almost looks like little hot springs everywhere, but it’s really all coming from the fire below.



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