25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

19. Night visitor


About 8 months ago I finally moved out of my mom’s house and got my own place. For the first few months, It was fine, in fact It was great!

3 months after I moved in I started getting phone calls and even flowers from an unknown person. I didn’t really think anything of it at first. Gradually I started to notice things going missing from my kitchen and living room, I would sometimes unplug the TV before going to bed and it would be on in the morning.

I started going to bed earlier out of fear and I didn’t go downstairs until the morning, my bedroom started to feel like a prison. My brother mentioned the ‘sky box incident’ in his post which was the breaking point for me. I had an AV transmitter (something like that anyway) installed so i could watch cable in my bedroom, One night I turned it on to see someone flicking through channels and I freaked the fuck out. This incident made me go to my brother a few days later at a party.

When I told him he looked at me like I was crazy and said I was being paranoid. Eventually he started to take me seriously and offered to stay at my house for a few nights on the condition our younger brother could tag along, reluctantly I said yes (He’s 17). In the 4 days they stayed not one phone call and no one came into the house. I found this to be even more worrying, either the guy had given up or had been watching my house. Creepy shit either way.
A couple days later he turned up again and this time I was frantic as I could hear him walking around the house and watching TV. I started to worry he was going to come up stairs so I called my brother and told him to get the hell over here. I stood by the window of my bedroom watching out for his car. My younger brother (Who should not have been involved in this at all) pulled up first and stayed in his car until my other brother arrived. When he did they jumped over the fence that leads to an alley to the right of the house, all whilst staying on the line with me.

When they got to the kitchen window, he went quiet for a second and said something like “Alright, He’s in your living room, don’t move and stay in your room.”. To actually hear my brother saying he could see him terrified me, a part of me wanted to believe that I was crazy.

So, my brother explained that he needed to hang up to call the cops. I literally begged him not to hang up, I could tell he was freaked out as well though so I told him it was okay. The one thing my brother left out of the story was that he called me back on my mobile (Cell phone) which wasn’t on silent and I’m certain it could have been heard downstairs. I hung it up as fast as I could and put my ear to the door. Around a minute later I heard the patio door (which sticks) opening, thinking it was safe I opened my door, when I did, I saw a man in a black trench coat with a baseball cap on walking up the stairs. I shut the door and pushed my wardrobe in front of it as quietly as I could.

Then I heard my brothers running up the steps. There was a struggle and I heard the man shout out “I’m sorry, Please!”. I moved the wardrobe and saw my younger brother picking up a knife on the stairs.

That’s about all I can tell you. I will say that the guy AKA my ex stepfather is not a bad person, he has suffered from mental problems all his life. His daughters haven’t spoken to him in over a decade, after finding out it was him I felt terrible. I probably would have went down stairs to speak to him if i had known it was him.

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