25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

21. Men on my lawn

This happened about 1 year ago. To be clear, I live with my mother, 2 brothers, and father. My Dad is a truck driver, so he is gone constantly. My other brother was visiting his girl friend in Peru when this all happened. It was just the 3 of us.

Anyway, one particular night around 12, I was heading to bed. I decided to get a glass of water, so I headed back downstairs. While drinking the water, I decided to look out the tiny window my door has and I noticed a shadow in my front yard.

At first, I thought I was seeing things, but I decided to keep looking. There definitely was a man out there. I wasn’t sure what to do. Mainly because he was just out there. He wasn’t doing anything like trying to break in. I stood there watching him for a good 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, he didn’t move a muscle.

Then I noticed another man, come out of fucking nowhere. From what I could see, it seemed like they were talking. Anyway, a minute or 2 goes by and both men are gone.
They moved to the side of my house, and jumped my fence to get into my back yard. I freaked out, and woke up my mom and brother. I should have woken them up to begin with, but I didn’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. We called the cops, but at this point in time, there were a couple of car accidents, so it would take them 20-30 minutes to get to my house.

We locked ourselves in my mom’s room and waited; hoping they wouldn’t come in. While waiting we heard our garage door open. We started to hear things being thrown around in the garage. They were in there for a good 15 mins. The cops finally showed up at this point and arrested both the men.
Turns out, they were both really strung out on drugs. I learned my lesson though; call the cops immediately if you see something suspicious. You never know what might happen.

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