25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

24. “Don’t tell mom”


We had just moved to a suburb, our first house in a decent but isolated part of town. She was 12 I was 7.
Mom let us take our white German Shepard for a walk. I remember the sun was setting over the desert landscape, but we weren’t worried. It was nice to be able to walk unsupervised down the street. We lavished in our freedom and took our time, letting Kodak sniff and and investigate everything. We had just let him off the lead and were watching him chase a rabbit.

I guess that’s why we didn’t hear the car pull up nor the huge man that that was sneaking up behind us.

Kodak was a ways off and suddenly he turned back and looked at us, and like a streak of white lightening he raced back towards us. He flew, I’m for sure his feet touched the earth. He blasted past our waiting arms and landed on the man behind us.

We turned, and Kodak was latched on the mans arm. Kodak was a big dog, with big teeth and was absolutely shredding this guys arm. The man eventually got him off of him and Kodak took a stance between us and the man.

We apologized to the creep not realizing what danger we were in, the man offered a shaky smile and told us we were good kids and stumbled off to his car. I remember there being a length of rope on the ground, which now I assume he had been holding.

We looked at Kodak, he was growling and continued to growl until we made it home and he escorted us on the house. My sister told me “don’t tell mom or they’ll kill Kodak for biting someone”

It was so naive, we thought we were protecting our pet but in actuality he saved one or both of us from a terrible fate. Much later I learned my hometown is an area heavy in sexual predators and violent criminals, many of the surrounding communities had passed legislation that wouldn’t allow them to live in their towns so the lived in ours. No wonder our house was so cheap!

Knowing now what was likely that man’s the intentions I’m glad Kodak was there. Kodak died five years later, we buried him in the backyard and planted a tree over him.

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