25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

18. The ONE day my parents left me alone


Years ago when I was in second grade (22 now) my parents one monday morning finally felt confidant in allowing me to come home from school by myself and stay home without a baby sitter until they came home. That morning my father gave me the house key, showed me the emergency numbers in the yellow book and gave me instructions on what to do if stupid things happened like the house catching on fire…

After school that day I came home, put the key in the door and walked into my open house. I felt free and I felt privligedged that I was finally a “big boy” and that I could now be home on my own. Needless to say I kinda got caught up in the moment and ate tons of ice cream while watching Terminator on VHS since my parents would NEVER let me watch anything over PG13.

Around 5:00 that day I heard the doorbell ring. My dad told me never to answer the door by myself even if they were home. I walked to our family room where I could get a good view of who was there, maybe my dad was getting a package or something (he did always enjoy ordering things online). I saw a middle age man standing there in a dark black jacket that ive never seen before. He rang the doorbell again and I expected him to leave after no one answered.
After a third ring I saw him walk down the steps and assumed he was leaving. I went back to watching terminator when I noticed something outside my kitchen window. The man was walking in our backyard for some odd reason. I felt scared for my life since some stranger was on my property. I ran under the kitchen table and grabbed the cordless phone from the counter and proceeded to call my dad’s work number.

My dad answered and I exclaimed how some strange man was in the backyard and was now proceeding to try and open our sliding door. My dad told me to stay where I was and call the neighbors, he would call 911. I told my dad I loved him and he said he would call me immediately after he called 911.

Before I could call my neighbors the man was able to somehow open our family room window. I feared for my life and ran to the bathroom and locked the door and called our neighbors. After about 30 seconds I heard my neighbor running through our house shouting my name to see if I was ok. She said how she saw no one in the house and we stayed in the bathroom until the police arrived.

The police conducted their investigation and told us they found some fingerprints that matched a recently released convict who was previously put in jail for breaking into homes.

After that day my parents did not leave me without a babysitter until I went to high school…every week I wonder what happened; did he run when he saw someone was in the house, did my neighbor scare him away if he heard her yelling?

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