25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

6. The story I’ll never tell my wife


My wife and I just purchased our first home and had our first kid. The house was being built by the builders and we would drive past the house every so often just to look and see how our house was coming along. We started visiting the house at night and noticed a car parked out front of our house. It was strange, but we figured it was probably just one of the workers leaving their car overnight. Sometimes the car was there, sometimes it wasn’t… We didn’t think too much of it. Fast forward a few months and our house is built. The house is empty and we are slowly moving everything in during the first week. As for the mysterious car, it started showing up late at night but not parking directly in front of our house anymore, but about 50 feet away by a nearby park area. Now keep in mind, we are the only house on the block. This was a brand new development and we were literally the first house built, so we were just this lonesome house in the middle of the desert, a few blocks away from the nearest neighborhood. My wife demands we buy a security system, so I do (she spent many nights alone since I worked late at night).

It’s my day off and I spend it organizing stuff from the moving boxes and hanging out with my 6 month old son. My wife is at work. I realize that there are no diapers or wipes, so I call my mother in law and ask her if she could swing by today to drop some off (I didn’t have my car that day, so there were no cars in my driveway). I tell her that I will leave the front door unlocked because I will be taking a nap with my son.

A few hours later, my son is fast asleep on our bed and I decide to cuddle up with him and go to sleep myself. I lay down when I hear the door chime of my security alarm for the front door. I know it’s my mother in law and I really didn’t feel like talking to her, so I figured I would just lay there and pretended to be asleep and hope she wouldn’t come upstairs. I hear the footsteps of her coming up the stairs, but she is moving slowly… I thought it was weird but figured she knew we were sleeping and didn’t want to wake us. My back is facing the door to my bedroom and I hear her open the door. I get into my “pretend sleep mode” and stay still. I hear a quick breath of air, as if she was startled to see us sleeping. No other noise is made and I assume she is just standing there… I think to myself “Ok… Go away now…” but it takes a full minute or two before I hear her slowly tip toeing out of my room, downstairs, and then leaving the house. As soon as I hear the door chime, I pop out of bed and walk downstairs to grab the diapers… But they aren’t there. I think “what the fuck?” she showed up and didn’t even leave the diapers… I run over to the front window and she’s gone.

During this whole event, my phone was off and charging, so I turn it on to see that I have a new voice mail. It’s from my mother in law.

“Sorry honey, I am not able to come over and bring those diapers, I got caught up in other plans. Have a nice nap!”

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