25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

8. The man in the attic


This is actually my friends story. But I was almost a daily guest at her house so I think I might be able to tell it like she would. She lived at her parents house. We were around 17-18 years old and they had just moved into a big house from a small apartment. They had a dog who was extremely well behaved but sometimes in the middle of the night he would start growling and barking. One early morning, my friends dad followed the dog to the kitchen where he saw a young man trying to get in through the window. The man got away before the police got there. But the growling and barking didn’t stop. And sometimes we could all hear weird sounds, like someone was walking on the roof of the house or something. Her dad would often have a look up into the attic and saw nothing so he blamed these sounds on the weather. Changes in heat/cold and humidity making the wood crackle. This went on for a few years. A few nights a week the dog would growl and they would hear what sounded like footsteps. I spent some nights there and one time my friend woke me up just to make me listen. Years later, a few years after my friend moved out from her parents place, her dad was doing something in the attic when he found a tiny little door in the far corner. He had never noticed it before because this corner of the attic was really dark. He opened the tiny little door and what he saw in the beam of his flashlight really freaked everyone out. He saw a dirty mattress, some burnt out candles and candy wrappers. It’s been years since she told me about what her father saw but I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Someone had actually been living in their attic. Maybe the guy who tried to climb in through the window? Creepy as fuck.

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