25 Creepy Stories You Should Literally Not Read If You Plan To Sleep Tonight

15. Man in the house


When i was 17, during summer, i was waiting for a friend to come to my house while my family was out of the country. We planned on playing videogames all night long. I live in a small city of 7K people in France near Paris and the houses are far away from each other. I also live in front of a small park that gets very dark and scary at night. Just to let you know that there is no one around if you are in trouble.

Around 11PM, my friend called me on my phone and told me “can you open your door now because someone is following me”. We don’t usually have any problem of violence in our neighborhood but some young kids sometimes try to steal your shit when you’re alone in the street. So i ran downstairs to open the door, and i look at outside to see my friend getting in my driveway and closing the gate behind him. I open the door, he goes in and tells me that someone was following him and telling him “you’re dead, i’m going to kill you son of a bitch”. I watched outside again for 10, 20, 30 seconds but nothing happened. Suddenly, when the motion light turned off, i saw that huge guy, the fat and tall kind of guy running in my driveway and closing the gate behind him too, like if he knew what he was doing. I looked at the house door just waiting for the guy to try to open it. 2 seconds later, the guy just hit the door with his body as hard as he could and started to yell “you’re dead fucker, i’m going to kill you”.

He kept on slamming against the door again and again. We ran upstairs and locked 2 doors behind us before locking ourselves in my room where i called the cops. I tell the policeman what was happening. The cop could even hear the guy destroying my door on the phone so i told them to hurry the fuck up. My friend and I were totally scared because we didnt know the guy at all, still we managed to find metal sticks to defend ourselves. The thing is, if the guy was able to destroy my front door, the other doors in my house would take 1 blow each. For 5 minutes, the stranger kept on hitting my door and then total silence. I cannot see the front door from my room and i was even too scared to look outside. The only thing i could see were the motion lights turning off and on all around the house for another 10 minutes. After that, everything was silent and dark but i was sure the guy was still there cause there is only one way out of my property. I immediatly thought that he managed to get in the house by breaking a window at the back of my house.

The police took around FORTY minutes to arrive at my house, forty minutes of total terror. We were so relieve when we saw the blue lights stopping in front of my driveway. And yet the creepier thing was to come. There were 5 armed policemen with bulletproof vest and everything. I yelled from my window “i dont know where the guy is anymore, he might be in the house please do something”. 3 of them went to check the backyard while the other two were investigating the front door. 5 minutes later, the three guys actually opened my front door from the inside and told us to stay locked cause there was a broken window and the guy was maybe in. It took them another 10 minutes to find the guy, who was hiding in the bathroom upstairs in the god damn closet like in the movies. They arrested him after a brief fight. The guy was actually drunk as hell and had no idea where he was or what he was doing here, and told them he was just hiding there because he was scared.

I didn’t sleep for a week.

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