30 People Share Their One Secret That, If Let Out, Would Ruin Their Lives Forever

28. Ah, karma…

My boyfriend at the time cheated on me and the girl he cheated with made a point of going round and telling everyone in our little town. It humiliated me. I made a fake Facebook account pretending to be a boy, added her and talked to her for 8 months becoming ‘her confidante’. She told me all her secrets. I then got to the stage where I asked her to send me naked pictures; and she did. The pictures got put all over town, along with print screens of her secrets in message. She got kicked out of school, her family disowned her. It ruined her life – she got so much abuse over it she had to move to a different town where last I heard she’s unemployed and living in a dump because her parents disowned her and she has no money of her own. She has no idea who ‘the boy’ really was.

I don’t regret it one bit.

29. His family’s religion is ruining his life.

I am gay. I am raised in a very Christian home, and my parents absolutely, 100%, positively HATE homosexuals. I lie about my girlfriend, prom date, crushes, etc. I know that if I dare tell them, then they will probably kill me…

30. Ladies and gentlemen, a real life Deuce Bigolo.

I’m a gigolo for grandmas. Some as old as 90, none younger than 65… all who I visit and fuck regularly. I’ve got $2 million in a bank from grandmas leaving me money in their wills. The word spreads my friend, it’s a grandma fucking network. Their cunts aren’t even that bad. No joke. I could tell you some whack ass stories, once one of their husbands chased me with a knife. TC mark



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