30 People Share Their One Secret That, If Let Out, Would Ruin Their Lives Forever

19. Closet klepto, right ahead!

I’ve stolen at least 90% of the clothes I currently wear. I can afford to buy it, but I choose not to. My family and girlfriend all think I spend too much money on clothes but they have no idea.

20. A rash decision after a horrific event.

My brother committed suicide in 1994, shortly thereafter I intercepted a letter to my parents from his girlfriend. She was pregnant and wanted them to know and asked if they wanted to be in the baby’s life. I burned the letter and have never told them. She never contacted them again and I did so many drugs that I buried that secret deep in my subconscious.

21. This is very twisted and upsetting.

Talking to my dad about why he molested me when I was 13 would absolutely DESTROY ME. I love him more than anyone else on this earth and I feel like our relationship would never recover if we talked honestly. It’s embarrassing but I’m more worried about the potential awkwardness of a serious conversation than, well, being raped. :(



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