30 People Share Their One Secret That, If Let Out, Would Ruin Their Lives Forever

22. No biggie, he’s just always wanted to kill someone.

I’m waiting for the day someone tries to attack me so I can finally kill another person. I’m not a sadist or anything like that, and honestly, I couldn’t do it if the other person didn’t throw the first punch, but dear god, I have this feeling inside of me of rage, of an anger so VIOLENT that I need to express it. Doesn’t hold a candle to the other stuff on here.

23. I’m hoping he grew to like it at some point.

After my girlfriend who was a DJ dumped me in high school, I started to DJ for the sole purpose of getting back at her. I now play for audiences in the thousands and nobody knows that the reason I do it is because I hate that bitch.

24. To each is own…

I have a fetish that involves watching women shit.

Said fetish involves me behind a woman who is on all fours. I’m holding her ass cheeks apart and watching the action take place.

If something like that got out, I’d be ostracized from pretty much everyone I know. I live around prudes while I’m an absolute sexual deviant.

I’m afraid I’ll never get the opportunity, but I know of no one that is quite as deviant as I am.



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