30 People Share Their One Secret That, If Let Out, Would Ruin Their Lives Forever

25. Just some juicy high school gossip for ya.

Don’t think this could ruin my life but probably some other people’s… I’m a gay guy and in my senior year of high school I started hooking up with the varsity quarterback a lot. No one knew about it and he made me swear to never tell anyone. About half way through the year I started hooking up with a varsity linebacker who was also his best friend. He also made me swear never to tell anyone. A couple weeks before school started I also started hooking up with another guy on the team, who made me make the same oath. The humor of watching these three friends be paranoid each other would reject them for the same thing they all did that summer made up for the pain my asshole was in by the end of those 3 months.

26. The question is: WHY?

Snuck into my dad’s bedroom and tased him with 1 million volt taser. He started flailing around and knocked it out of my hand. Ran out of the house and drove off. Police were called, taser was collected, and I assume fingerprints were recovered. His dumbass has no idea it was me and thinks someone broke into his house just to tase him.

27. Nice going, dude.

I lit a tree on fire for kicks, and ended burning half a forest down and several homes went up in flames in the process. I wanted to say, “I did that” when I saw it on the news.



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