Wake Me When New Year’s Eve Is Over!

Here we go again. The years may change, but every December 31, the questions remain the same. Do I splurge on an overpriced, underwhelming dinner at a restaurant where the criminal intent is to rob special-occasion thrill-seekers blind?

How To Throw A New Year’s Eve Party

For a second, it feels like this party might not ever happen. You’ll watch the countdown with your best friend and this girl you don’t like and you’ll be very drunk and maybe even cry. The next morning, you’ll wake up still dressed in your party outfit and the mood will be very young and sad. You’ll be convinced that 2011 is going to be horrible and maybe it will be.

An Obituary For Myspace

The Top 8- a feature in which a Myspace user could rate their eight most important friendships based on who they liked better that day-literally destroyed relationships. At first, it was fun to have your 8 best friends hanging out next to each other on a website because, oh my god, you loved them and you wanted everyone to know it! But then it just turned into an evil passive-agressive tool.

Psychic Styles: Fashions in Metaphysical Media

The charge was fraudulent advertising: turns out a lot of those calls cost a lot more than 99c a minute. Particularly dismaying was the news, leaked out during the investigation, that the sultry Miss Cleo—née Youree Dell Harris—was in fact born in Los Angeles to American parents, and was not Jamaican, as both she and her accent had led us to believe.

25 Los Angeles Watchdogs

My girlfriend Claire and I met some dogs while walking around LA. This video contains 2 beagles, 3 boxers, 7 chihuahuas, 1 collie, 5 pit bulls, 1 rottweiler, 4 terrier mixes, and 2 other kinds of mixes: a small sample of our country’s 80 million domestic dogs.

Kinda Just Wish I Had an Arranged Marriage…

Above anything, the reasons we’re getting divorced are the reasons we’re getting married. In the past—and, of course, this is still the case in many parts of the world—marriage was all about practicality. People got married to protect business interests, to ally families and clans, to procreate and extend their lineage, to create viable social and economic units.

Intervention: Darick Is Addicted To Meth, Oxy and “Cooking”

While becoming addicted to meth, Darick became engrossed in Julia Child’s cookbooks and decided to apply her panache to the meth labs. With great care and precision, he became a revered master meth maker, combining genius ingredients such as roach killer and baking soda and eventually winning the prestigious meth cookoff in Eureka, California.

An Example of YouTube Enriching My Daily Life

Honestly, I was searching YouTube for instructional videos on how to speak Slytherin (or parseltongue loser, as one commenter has already corrected) which is a totally fun and normal thing to do while having coffee in the morning, when I chanced upon this diamond of a video.