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All My Friends Are Turning Thirty

All my friends are turning thirty and they’re getting married in backyards and at wineries in Santa Barbara and people are giving toasts and crying and I’m trying to cry too

Don’t Wake Up Alone On A Saturday Morning

You woke up on a Saturday and came to the sudden realization that you were all alone, that everything you had surrounded yourself with Monday through Friday, all the happy hours and all the business lunches and all those technological noises you drenched your earbuds in: it all added up to zero.

A History Of Trying To Be Cool

It’s such a terrible feeling to want to reject who you are. The reality is that I was not built to be an Olsen twin. I was not built to sit around doing coke with people who looked amazing in Balenciaga.

The Divide Between Gay Men And Straight Women

Being gay means accepting that, one day, you could be left behind by the ones you love. Let me explain. When you’re in your twenties, your straight girlfriends are practically your other half.