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Firing Range

People who were already in New York City told me to save up a healthy amount of money, so I made it my goal to be as thrifty as possible, and moved back home with my parents.

Israeli Couple Names Their Kid "Like" After the Facebook Function

In “The Seven” episode of Seinfeld, George tells his fiancée Susan that if they have a child – a boy or a girl – he’d like to name it “Seven,” after Mickey Mantle’s jersey number. Now, in real life, Israeli couple Lior and Vardit Adler are taking after George and naming their new daughter with a quotidian word: “like.” The inspiration for the name comes from the “like” feature on Facebook…

Three Boys Survive On A Small Boat For 50 Days

After about five days, down to only a few coconuts and with no more fresh water, they started to feel alarmed. Before a week passed they exhausted all of their supplies. Things seemed bleak. There was a large storm, which afforded them some water to drink. They discovered some old coconuts, but they ate those up in no time.

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