Five Terrifying Serial Killers in Recent History

The “Dnepropetrovsk maniacs,” viral human and kitten killers (arrested, 2009)

The media dubbed 19-year-olds Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuck the “Dnepropetrovsk maniacs” for their string of 21 murders in Ukraine, usually committed with a blunt object, as well as their history of animal mutilation. Victims of the killers were so brutally savaged that their faces were often unrecognizable. Some had their eyes gouged out while still alive. One was pregnant and… yeah.

Sayenko (left) and Suprunyuck

High school friends, the two teenagers began their violent careers trying to help a mutual friend overcome his phobia of blood by capturing stray dogs, tying them from trees and disemboweling them. This kind of behavior culminated in an instance where they filmed the brutal torture and murder of a small, white kitten. Among other things, the video showed the teenagers make a cross out of wooden boards, nail the kitten to it, place foam and glue in its mouth to muffle its screams and shoot at it with two pistols.

It was revealed during the maniacs’ trials that they had filmed several of their murders, one having leaked to the internet and apparently gone viral. Around four minutes long, the video shows the two young men murdering a 48-year-old man named Sergei Yatzenko. He’s bludgeoned in the face with a hammer repeatedly. His eyes are removed, and he’s stabbed in the abdomen… and then the brain, with a screwdriver.

After the murder, the two are shown discussing the murder calmly, and one expresses surprise about how the man was still breathing after the screwdriver was plunged into his exposed brain.


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  • Cooper

    Seems bleak.

  • tao

    laying in darkness in my room

    felt scared to read this at this moment

    saw the long word starting with 'd'

    seemed scary

    • Brandon

      how'd the big barnes and noble reading go

      birthday boy….

  • Molly Oswaks

    Wow. Thanks for doing this piece. I love this kind of crazy.

  • Josh Henderson

    What does it say about current human culture when a depraved killer can attain cult status? Death for most people is untouchable, but someone who has crafted it with his own hand becomes, in a sense, god-like? Very strange.

  • Jordancastroisthepresident


  • harry

    a woman suit…
    tuna being soft and odourless…
    this shit aint right…

  • shannon

    cringed hard upon reading 'sex with animals.'

  • mario

    damn. small white kitten. damn. i normally try to think logically or something to not feel sad about things like that. fuck. i feel like i'm not actually sad about it but thinking about being sad about it in a detached way maybe. i probably will not read the rest of this. should i read the rest of this. i feel like i'm not that upset by reading about humans being murdered maybe. feeling a vaguely strong urge to read the rest of this, maybe similarly to how i feel an urge to stick my finger into the fan in my room sometimes.

  • Carlos Ortiz

    Just watched that video where the Ukranian bros kill the 48 year old man, almost made me feel uncomfortable towards the end but when the feeling didn't escalate I thought I had seen enough.
    the Japanese cannibal got lucky, I resent his freedom, but not in a moral sense.
    I don't like how he consumed someone (made her life about him) and his society celebrates it, and I don't like how he fainted after shooting his victim.

  • http://%/nositeaim Ольга

    Thought Catalog…

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  • Mmsww

    This is just an internet hoax.

  • DeputyDanger

    …There's only 4 killers listed here…Who's the 5th?

    • Socratesadams

      the first 'killer' was two people

    • mole

      the 5th is the writer…. dun dun dunnnnnn

  • Lolly

    jesus christ, i knew about all the guys apart from the last one.
    i'm never leaving the house again. thanks!

  • samanthaphoebe

    Favorite: Edward Gein was very strange.
    Hmm…oh really?

  • Someguy

    So if two out of the five are not serial killers, why the headline? 

  • Clover

    As soon as you wrote about the kitten I couldn’t read any more about the Ukrainian boys. :(

  • Mitzy

    I shall never think of tuna the same way again. :|
    After reading everything, I think I wanna throw up. :

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