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A Letter From Your 11,721st Twitter Follower

Good morning! It’s me again. I had some solutions to the insomnia you tweeted about, and also some tips for you to get past where you said you’re stuck on your current project. Writer’s block, eh? Must be writer’s block. I’m not a writer, but I get that all the time.

I Want To Talk About Politics On Facebook

People telling others to shut up about their political views on Facebook are legislating how others use the service, yeah. Abstain from the dialogue or hide it if you’re not interested, but handing out dictums through image macros or impassioned essays is weird, dude.

Our Ambivalent New Media Landscape

Like, I feel like media criticism is to an extent an established discipline, but in what way are traditional ideas of ‘criticism’ relevant to what we’d call ‘new media’? Is the glut of 90s-nostalgia Tumblrs operated by ironic 20-year-olds a phenomenon worthy of a note in the cultural history books, or is it aberrant, unnoticed?

Types Of Women Men Like Better Than Me

It is an extremely ‘fun time’ to be a woman. Catalyzed by the instantaneous access to information and social support provided by the modern internet, plus the fact women’s health issues have become a charged pivot point in the American political climate, people are more interested in revolutionizing defined gender roles than ever…